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Take 10: Awesome Aliens

The most excellent extraterrestrials of the Marvel Universe get beamed down to Take 10

Every week, a secret cabal of Marvel staffers gathers to discuss the best of the best when it comes to the House of Ideas.

When you visit the Marvel Universe, you're not limited merely to travelling the Earth, but instead have a whole galaxy (and beyond) of exotic, exciting planets teeming with life to explore. Many natives of these far-off, far-out cultures have become famous and infamous across the cosmos as heroes and villains alike.

This week, Agent Brand and her stalwart support crew responsible for monitoring this plethora of alien life kick off their own new series with S.W.O.R.D. #1. To help them out, the Secret Cabal elected to tag their 10 most notable Marvel visitors from way abroad .

For each character you get the quick rundown as well as a special spotlight comic courtesy of Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.

As always, these picks reflect the personal choices of the Secret Cabal, not the official opinion of Marvel or Marvel.com, and can be considered subjective at best. Enjoy!


First Appearance: FANTASTIC FOUR #11 (1963)
Home Planet: Poppup
Learn More About Him...here
Why He Makes the List: Of all the eclectic threats the Fantastic Four have run up against in their day, few can match the Impossible Man for sheer weirdness. It's perhaps unfair to even label ol' Impy a "threat," since the little guy really just wants to make mischief and have fun, but his nearly unmatchable power levels and shape-shifting ability make it impossible to take him lightly.
Spotlight Comic: NEW MUTANTS ANNUAL #3-The Impossible Man engages in a shape-shifting duel with Warlock of the New Mutants!

First Appearance: MARVEL PREVIEW #7 (1976)
Home Planet: unrevealed
Learn More About Him...here
Why He Makes the List: These days, Rocket Raccoon is best known as the artillery expert and sardonic wit of the Guardians of the Galaxy, but the furry little fellow with the jetpack and ray gun has a past as colorful as his personality. Rocket did his time as a freedom fighter on a planet dominated by tyrannical toymakers and fought alongside the Hulk against interstellar loonies. What a life!
Spotlight Comic: ANNIHILATION: CONQUEST - STAR-LORD #2-Rocket Raccoon joins Star-Lord's suicide mission against the Phalanx!

First Appearance: UNCANNY X-MEN #107 (1977)
Home Planet: unrevealed
Learn More About Him...here
Why He Makes the List: When he first made the scene leading the Shi'Ar Imperial Guard against the X-Men, Gladiator immediately jumped to the forefront thanks to his awesome power, eye-catching Dave Cockrum design, and undeniable Mohawk. The last surviving Strontian born with the name Kallark became more intriguing over time with his unwavering loyalty to the throne and confidence-fueled abilities. Now as the newly-appointed Majestor and ruler of the Shi'Ar, Gladiator enters into a whole new phase.
Spotlight Comic: WAR OF KINGS: WARRIORS - GLADIATOR #1-The origin of Gladiator!

First Appearance: YOUNG AVENGERS #1 (2005)
Home Planet: Skrull Throneworld
Learn More About Him...here
Why He Makes the List: When Teddy Altman hit puberty and started shape-shift and get stronger, he assumed he was just a mutant-never did he dream he was in fact not just an alien, but the spawn of Kree hero Captain Marvel and Skrull princess Anelle. As if discovering his youth had been a lie wasn't enough, Hulkling also had thrust upon him the pressure of a prophecy that proclaimed he would someday unite the warring races he derived his roots from. For his part, Teddy has not let these revelations knock him off his chosen path, remaining a stalwart and heroic member of the Young Avengers.
Spotlight Comic: YOUNG AVENGERS PRESENTS #2-Hulkling attempts to come to terms with his heritage!

First Appearance: FANTASTIC FOUR #13 (1963)
Home Planet: Watchers' homeworld
Learn More About Him...here
Why He Makes the List: The first thing you notice about Uatu the Watcher is that he's a giant bald man in a skirt, let's not even try to deny that. However, the Watchers, Uatu in particular, are a fascinating piece of Marvel cosmic lore. Immensely powerful but forbidden by an ancient oath to do anything more than observe events of great importance, the Watchers are an interesting study in contrast, not to mention frustration. However, Uatu's frequent breaking of the aforementioned vow not only makes him unique, it makes his presence in any story a nail-biting potential game-changer.
Spotlight Comic: WHAT IF? #1 (1977)-Uatu oversees an alternate world with a very different Fantastic Four!

First Appearance: MARVEL SUPER-HEROES #12 (1967)
Home Planet: Hala
Learn More About Him...here
Why He Makes the List: Certainly the legend of Mar-Vell has perhaps grown beyond the man himself in the years since the original Captain Marvel's tragic death from cancer, but there's no denying the guy was one helluva of a hero by anybody's measure. A hero to the alien Kree, Marv risked everything he had worked hard to achieve during a distinguished military career to do what he felt was right, turning on his people and protecting the Earth. This noble turn would later lead to Mar-Vell being appointed Protector of the Universe and even in death he continues to inspire a generation of heroes, including his own children.
Spotlight Comic: CAPTAIN MARVEL #29 (1973)-A new era of cosmic action begins for Mar-Vell!

First Appearance: FANTASTIC FOUR #18 (1963)
Home Planet: Tarnax IV
Learn More About Him...here
Why He Makes the List: We'll say it up front: a green alien monster who happens to have all the powers of the Fantastic Four is just a rad idea, regardless of what kind of personality he gets saddled with. But Kl'rt, aka the original Super-Skrull, has a great combination of warrior's honor and pigheaded arrogance driving him which makes him fun either as a hero or villain. The Super-Skrull has never scored a huge win over any Marvel characters of note and has been browbeat more than once by his own people, but none of this deflates his ego or abrasiveness. There's a reason why even amongst an army of multi-powered Skrulls during Secret Invasion, you could still pick Kl'rt out of a crowd.
Spotlight Comic: ANNIHILATION: SUPER-SKRULL #1-Kl'rt enters the Annihilation fray!

First Appearance: IRON MAN #55 (1973)
Home Planet: Titan
Learn More About Him...here
Why He Makes the List: Plenty of comics' great villains have unique motivation for why they do evil, but few more chilling than Thanos: he's in love with the embodiment of death and courts her via genocide on mass scales. This driving impetus alone makes the Mad Titan a noteworthy rogue, but we also love his grandiose speech patterns, his wonderfully complex schemes and the glee with which he taunts his foes; he really is a jerk, and he revels in it. However, more than once over the years, Thanos has shown an altruistic side, working on the side of angels and adding yet another wrinkle to his character to accompany those on his chin.
Spotlight Comic: INFINITY GAUNTLET #1-Thanos of Titan claims ultimate power!

First Appearance: FANTASTIC FOUR #48 (1966)
Home Planet: Taa
Learn More About Him...here
Why He Makes the List: In his early appearances, Galactus embodied perhaps mankind's greatest collective fear: that of an angry god come to wreak havoc upon humanity with barely any notice for what he is wiping out. As the Devourer of Worlds' mythology expanded, he explained his nature as beyond good and evil, that he was simply a force of nature, feeding on planets out of need rather than desire. When even another layer was peeled back, we learned Galactus was once a man, but had been both gifted and cursed with his immense power and hunger. On the surface, he is an impressive and imposing creation, but the depths of Galactus set him apart.
Spotlight Comic: THOR #160-The God of Thunder meets the Devourer of Worlds!

First Appearance: FANTASTIC FOUR #48 (1966)
Home Planet: Zenn-La
Learn More About Him...here
Why He Makes the List: Norrin Radd's is one of the most heartbreaking yet heroic stories in the history of the Marvel Universe. In order to save his home and his people, he sacrificed his free will and the love of his life in order to serve the very creature who would destroy all he held dear; he later rebelled against that same master only to be cast out to a world not his own and made to feel the guilt of the countless tragedies he failed to prevent. The Silver Surfer strives for heroism, but the weight of his sins will forever be stacked against any good he achieves. Add in to this tale of triumph and tragedy his Shakespearean tones and dynamic appearance, and you've got a truly unforgettable character.
Spotlight Comic: SILVER SURFER: REQUIEM #1-In a possible future, the Silver Surfer faces his final challenge!


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[color=seagreen] I'd switch Kl'rt and Mar-Vell's positions.[/color]


Beta Ray Bill must not be an alien..... Because if he was he would be on this list, instead we get one of the stupidest Marvel characters ever created the Impossible Man... The rest of the list is good though. You guys seriously couldn't think of anything better than the Impossible Man?


No Karolina Dean? How disappointing.


Great to see my man Rocket Raccoon on here!!!