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Psych Ward: Molecule Man

Marvel's resident therapist sits down with one of the Earth's most powerful beings

By Tim Stevens

Owen Reece presents as an average adult male approaching middle age. His face is marked by scarification that appears to be old and that the client reports to be not self-inflicted but rather the result of an accident that occurred in adulthood. This accident led directly to his acquisition of "super powers" and his assumption of the costumed identity Molecule Man. While the client has committed heroic acts as Molecule Man, he is predominantly known as a criminal.

Despite the power he wields, the client presents as fairly average and, at times, even meek. He speaks in a quiet, even voice throughout much of the sessions. While the client reports a temper and secondary documents do back this up, he has not exhibited much of one is session. He has also been prone to past moments of grandiosity, but, again, does not show much signs of these behaviors at this time.

In general, the client seems to be in a period of transition and unsure what direction he wishes to head in going forward. Many of his early endeavors where characterized by self-imposed limits, often subconscious, that prevented his success. While he is able to acknowledge this now, it is unclear how that translates into removing those limits or if in fact, he wishes to do so at all. He has also made great efforts over the years to

embrace a "normal" life despite his abilities, including settling down with a woman, Marsha Rosenberg (Volcana), who he describes as the love of his life. He reports that the two are not currently together, but is vague about his feelings towards being "normal" in light of the dissolution of that relationship.

The focus of therapy going forward will be helping Reece clarify his personal goals and help him to see what behaviors can help or hurt him from reaching those goals. The writer also expects that the client will benefit from interpersonal effectiveness training and possibly group work.

Owen Reece's next appointment has been made for December 9 with Doctors Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato. Please read the file marked DARK AVENGERS #12 for further details.

Tim Stevens is a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Consultant and Doctoral Intern at a college counseling center currently pursuing his Psy D.

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