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Take 10

Take 10: Inhumans

The Secret Cabal journeys to Kree space and highlights the incredible Inhumans

Every week, a secret cabal of Marvel staffers gathers to discuss the best of the best when it comes to the House of Ideas.

You've got to work pretty hard to be considered the ultimate outcasts of a universe that includes guys with spider-powers, aliens aplenty and mutants galore, but the Inhumans still pull it off.

Constantly set apart from normal folks due to their unique appearances and dynamic powers, the incredible Inhumans have traveled from the Himalayas to the moon in search of where they belong, and never quite finding it. This week, REALM OF KINGS: INHUMANS #1 will explore whether or not the Kree Empire can be a place for them to call home, even without their king, Black Bolt.

The Secret Cabal scoured the diverse ranks of the Inhumans and plucked their 10 favorites.

For each character you get the quick rundown as well as a special spotlight comic courtesy of Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.

As always, these picks reflect the personal choices of the Secret Cabal, not the official opinion of Marvel or Marvel.com, and can be considered subjective at best. Enjoy!


10. LUNA
First Appearance: FANTASTIC FOUR #240 (1982)
Why She Makes the List: The first child ever born to an Inhuman and mutant coupling as the daughter of Crystal and Quicksilver-not to mention having Magneto as a grandfather-Luna Maximoff was always destined to be special. However, her father jumpstarted the process by prematurely exposing his daughter to the power-granting Terrigen Mist, giving her immense psychic abilities she may not be able to handle at such a young age.
Spotlight Comic: SON OF M #3-Luna's father, Quicksilver, transforms his daughter for all time!


First Appearance: MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #71 (1981)
Learn More About Him...here
Why He Makes the List: A wayward Inhuman if ever there was one, the boy who would become Maelstrom grew up among the Deviants after his scientist father was banished from Attilan for performing illegal experiments in cloning. Proving quite the overachiever, Maelstrom parlayed early skirmishes with his fellow Inhumans as well as the Fantastic Four and Avengers into a prime gig as avatar of the abstract cosmic entity known as Oblivion, since clashing with heavy hitters such as Quasar and the Guardians of the Galaxy.
Spotlight Comic: G.L.A. #4-Maelstrom threatens all of reality with only the Great Lakes Avengers standing in his way!

First Appearance: FANTASTIC FOUR #45 (1965)
Learn More About Him...here
Why He Makes the List: It's ironic that even among the Inhumans, a group unable to conform to any society's standards, there will still be outcasts, and something of a tragedy that one resides in the Royal Family itself. Triton's bizarre appearance and inability to function outside of water place him at arm's length from even his relatives. Though his brother and cousins love him, they will never fully understand the challenges Triton faces daily, which for the Inhumans is really saying something.
Spotlight Comic: FANTASTIC FOUR #69 (1961)-Triton leads the advance scout for the Inhuman Royal Family!

First Appearance: FANTASTIC FOUR #45 (1965)
Learn More About Her...here
Why She Makes the List: Of all the Inhumans, none have traversed the Marvel Universe like the element-wielding Crystal. She's romanced the Human Torch, been a member of the Fantastic Four, married Quicksilver, and joined the Avengers, but always returned to her place at her family's side. Crystal brings a much-needed broader view of the universe around them to the closeted Inhumans and is never afraid to pipe up with her opinion, particularly if it doesn't synch up with her sister Medusa's.
Spotlight Comic: WAR OF KINGS: WARRIORS - CRYSTAL #1-As she prepares to wed Ronan the Accuser, Crystal faces a crisis among the Kree!

First Appearance: FANTASTIC FOUR #44 (1965)
Learn More About Him...here
Why He Makes the List: The stalwart captain of the Royal Guard, Gorgon is dutifully devoted to the safety of his beloved family and by extension all Inhumans. His gruff exterior and somewhat monstrous features mask a heart of gold, not unlike his human pal Ben Grimm, aka the Thing. Gorgon was recently forcefully exposed to the Terrigen Mist a second time, mutating him further towards a bestial state, but he has not let this shirk him from his duty or commitment.
Spotlight Comic: SILENT WAR #1-Leading an expedition to Earth, Gorgon is transformed forever!

First Appearance: FANTASTIC FOUR #47 (1966)
Learn More About Him...here
Why He Makes the List: The bad seed of the Inhuman Royal Family, Maximus the Mad has been plotting to make his brother Black Bolt's life nothing but torment since they were boys. Driven insane by an errant sonic scream from his sibling in response to his own youthful treachery, Maximus has had motivations ranging from mental instability to ambition in his schemes against his people, with impressive mental powers to back them up. Even when he is ostensibly aiding them, the other Inhumans know to keep at least one eye on their mad member.
Spotlight Comic: SILENT WAR #2-Take a peak inside the mind of Maximus the Mad!

First Appearance: FANTASTIC FOUR #45 (1965)
Learn More About Him...here
Why He Makes the List: Even among the Inhumans, where every member of the race is different, Karnak is completely unique in that unlike his brethren he was never exposed to the Terrigen Mist and thus never gained the powers it bestows. However, that didn't stop the Royal Family member from spending years in training at a monastery to gain perhaps the coolest Inhuman ability of all: being able to perceive the weak point in any object, person or even plan, and then break it to pieces. Karnak is a self-made badass who can bring down entire armies using his wits and a few perfectly-placed chops-phenomenal.
Spotlight Comic: SECRET INVASION" INHUMANS #2-Karnak matches skills with a Super-Skrull engineered to defeat him!

First Appearance: FANTASTIC FOUR #45 (1965)
Learn More About Him...here
Why He Makes the List: How can you not love Lockjaw? He's a giant dog-who may or may not actually be a dog-with the ability to teleport across the universe and a tuning fork in his forehead. The character has been played for laughs at times, but more often than not he proves the deciding factor in spearheading Inhuman victory over their foes, and his loyalty can't be denied. There's an air of mystery behind this silent creature we long to have whisked away, but at the same time, we like him just the way he is.
Spotlight Comic: LOCKJAW AND THE PET AVENGERS #1-The Inhumans' trusty companion forms his own team!

First Appearance: FANTASTIC FOUR #36 (1965)
Learn More About Her...here
Why She Makes the List: They say behind every great man there is a great woman, but Medusa has always stood side-by-side her husband, Black Bolt, helping him rule the Inhumans and never hiding from a challenge. Her patience as infinite as her prehensile hair, Medusa's love for the man she has adored since they were children has meant years of interpreting gestures and looks rather than hearing sweet words, but she has persevered. Now, with Black Bolt seemingly dead, Medusa's leadership abilities will be challenged like never before; we suspect she's up to the challenge.
Spotlight Comic: SECRET INVASION: INHUMANS #1-With Black Bolt kidnapped, Medusa must lead the Inhumans!

First Appearance: FANTASTIC FOUR #45 (1965)
Learn More About Him...here
Why He Makes the List: No character in the Marvel Universe can say as little and have it mean as much as Black Bolt, who can level mountains with a whisper as a result of the tremendous power he has been both blessed and cursed with. Though he can't speak, Blackagar Boltagon has led his people through the hardest of times, earning the respect of men like Reed Richards, Tony Stark, Charles Xavier and others with his dignity and dedication. The obstacles he has overcome, his stoic and enigmatic nature, and of course his killer costume, make Black Bolt the most intriguing of the Inhumans.
Spotlight Comic: FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL #18-The wedding of Black Bolt and Medusa!


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what? lockjaw is the best inhuman, not black bolt, typical :roll:


I think for a while he was a mutant inhuman, but now he's an incomplete cosmic cube? That sound about right?? Bleh, retcons.I MISS YOU BLACK BOLT.


Ya he is. It says so in the Illuminati's limited series.


Is the Beyonder an Inhuman though? I thought he was some sort of cosmic cube or something...


Good list, despite being quite predictable. I would have loved to see the Beyonder make the list. While I know he is hated by some, come on.. He caused Secret War, came to earth in one of the weirdest crossovers ever, and popped up in FF and Illuminati. Hoping to see him again soon!


Great list, I love the Inhumans.