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Dark Wolverine: The Doctor's In

Daken receives a special visit from former psychologist and fellow Dark Avenger Moonstone


By Marc Strom

Daken, your hour's not nearly up.

Karla Sofen, aka Moonstone, has always had a proclivity for playing with her teammates' heads. Now Daken will experience her psychiatric wiles first hand in DARK WOLVERINE #81, on sale December 16 courtesy of writers Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu as well as artist Giuseppe Camuncoli.

"Karla used to be a psychologist," Way reminds. "Daken is a fascinating study-and she's kinda hot for him, too.

"He presents a challenge, to say the least," confirms Liu. "And he's attractive, an enigma, a dangerous man.  That's an irresistible combination."

As to just what Moonstone will find in Daken's head, Way encourages fans to "read the issue and find out," before posing a slightly different query:

"Is she looking for something that isn't there? Something that she simply wants to be there?"

"Nothing is as easy as self-deceit-and nothing is as dangerous," adds Liu.

Since becoming teammates, Daken and Karla have certainly taken notice of each other, but their true agendas still remain hidden.

DARK WOLVERINE #81 cover by Brandon Peterson
"Karla enjoys the attention that Daken has been giving her," notes Liu. "But she's a sharp cookie; she knows there's something he's hiding."

"They've been flirting, throwing it back and forth," relates Way. "But is Daken's interest genuine, or a ploy? With him, you never know."

While both characters have an aptitude for psychological warfare, Way finds that, "in this case, Daken has the advantage because Karla is the one looking for answers. She wants something."

"And Karla is limited by her own arrogance and preconceived notions about what, and who, Daken is," Liu chimes in.

DARK WOLVERINE #81 also acts as a standalone issue placed between the series' first two larger arcs, something that makes it "a great jumping-on point for new readers," according to Way. "It really distills who and what Daken is-and what he isn't."

"It also gives something to the fans who have been curious to see how Daken and Karla finally resolve this 'tension' between them," remarks Liu.

Once his session with Moonstone ends, Daken will venture into next year's Siege event.

"Daken's going to Asgard-and someone's waiting for him," teases Way.

"Maybe it'll be someone hot," hints Liu. "Or not."

See what Marvel.com's resident shrink made of Daken here.

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      Awesome!!! So can't wait to read this one, and see Daken in Asgaard. I'm guess he is using Moonstone!