Marvel Named Favorite Publisher, Eagle Awards 2007

Warren Ellis, Dirk Anger and Nextwave lead the charge



Winners of the 2007 Eagle Awards were announced at the Bristol Comics Expo on May 12. The Eagle Awards stand out because the internationally recognized winners are chosen by the fans. Stand proud, Marvelites! Behold what you hath wrought upon the world: Favourite Publisher Marvel Favourite Comics Writer Warren Ellis Favourite Comics Artist: Pencils John Cassaday Favourite Comics Artist: Inks Paul Neary Favourite Colourist Laura Martin Favourite Letterer Chris Eliopoulos Favourite New Comicbook Nextwave Favourite Comics Story published during 2006 Nextwave Favourite Comics Villain Dirk Anger Roll of Honour Warren Ellis Unfortunately, we were too late in getting our Vote Dirk Anger message board sigs out there, but--as we knew he would--Anger takes top villain honors. Enjoy the image and for more on the Eagle Awards, visit the official Eagle Awards website.
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