PREVIEW: Incredible Hercules #138

The assault begins!



COVER BY: Adi Granov
WRITER: Fred Van Lente - A
Greg Pak
Jeff Parker
PENCILS: Rodney Buchemi
Gabriel Hardman
INKS: Gabriel Hardman
COLORED BY: Guillem Mari - A
LETTERED BY: Simon Bowland - B|Simon Bowland

ASSAULT ON NEW OLYMPUS: Part 1 (of 4) A battle of god-like proportions begins...right now! For months, the signs have been all over the Marvel Universe... The tension has been rising... All pointing to a single question: "What is CONTINUUM?" The answer turns out to be so deadly, so horrifying, that it will alter the course of the MU forever -- unless Hercules and the New and Mighty Avengers can stop it in time... but standing in their way is the fighting-mad ARES, God of War! "And, in our backup tale, there's no love for Venus as Aphrodite's rain of pain continues to pour on the Agents of Atlas!"


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