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By Ryan Penagos and Kevin Pearl

With the World's Most Wanted becoming the World's Most Shattered, it's up to the very heart and soul of the Marvel Universe to return Tony Stark to his former glory. Now that his life and legacy is in shambles, Iron Man must win a battle for his very consciousness—but does he even want to? Writer Matt Fraction and artist Salvador Larroca take Tony Stark to dark places as the series surges ahead.

And with the bold, new direction for Stark and crew in "Stark: Disassembled," the creative minds behind the Esiner Award-winning title for Best New Series have crafted a host of spectacular new covers. Split evenly, each issue of "Stark: Disassembled" features a cover by Salvador Larroca and Rian Hughes, along with a cover by Patrick Zircher. We're pleased to debut several new covers here on!

Enjoy the beautiful art and stay glued to for more on "Stark: Disassembled"!

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      you are so right. Fraction is great on this book. I have no love for his x-men, but this and his Iron Fist run are fantastic. He obviously knows what it's like to be a tortured millionaire playboy!


      boy i need to catch up on this series i only got 1-5 i need the rest but this is a great comic book Matt Fraction is the right guy for the right Iron Man!!


      I'm totally digging the retro covers, can't wait to get a hold of the books!