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Siege: Embedded in the Trenches

Brian Reed discusses taking a closer look at one of the biggest events of 2010

By Marc Strom

Get ready for a journey into the trenches of Norman Osborn's war on Asgard as writer Brian Reed and artist Chris Samnee bring readers up close and personal to one of the biggest events of 2010 with SIEGE: EMBEDDED #1 on January 6.

"It's the Ben Urich show all the way," says Reed of his story's protagonist. "Ben also bumps into a couple of new characters, the Dark Avengers, and even ends up on a road trip with Volstagg of Warriors Three fame."

EMBEDDED will have very close ties to the main SIEGE series, mirroring many events from that story as well as expanding on others.

"The first issue starts at about the halfway point of SIEGE #1," relates Reed. "We see Ben visit a locale from that story at the same time as

SIEGE: EMBEDDED #1 preview art by Chris Samnee
Norman and his Avengers. As the story progresses, Ben is right in the thick of the Asgard siege."

This four-issue series will also give readers the perspective of members of the Marvel Universe media, a group that helped Norman Osborn's stratospheric rise to power following the end of Secret Invasion.

"As the Siege begins, Ben is one of the few who think Norman is doing anything wrong," reveals Reed. "Osborn's done a good job of surrounding himself with cheerleaders and making the story on the airwaves the story he wants told. Part of Ben's drive in the story is to show the world who Norman Osborn really is."

Until then, Osborn will continue to manipulate the news media in much the same way he has so far.

"The media is a big, big piece of Norman's move into Asgard," notes Reed. "He picks out the reporters he wants on the scene and he positions them to see his triumph first hand."

Reed-who also wrote SECRET INVASION: FRONT LINE, another series that provided fans with Ben Urich's perspective on the events of the Skrulls' invasion-says that a number of differences exist between the two projects.

"[SECRET INVASION: FRONT LINE] was spread across a lot of characters, really trying to show that day in New York from a street-level point of view," the writer remarks. "EMBEDDED is much more about going out into the world, trying to get the news story and trying to do it without any

SIEGE: EMBEDDED #1 preview art by Chris Samnee
official help. Nobody is going to give Ben Urich a quote, or slip him any information-he's got to get out there and get his hands dirty. The fact that this involves getting arrested, going on a road trip with a warrior god, and being trapped in the middle of a major military operation-Ben plans for none of that at the outset."

Though much of the series will focus on Urich and his attempts to bring Osborn's transgressions to light, Reed also promises fans a good deal of action in his story, including "Volstagg on a Goblin Glider, enjoying the glory of battle."

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      Seems no better place for the title "Frontline" to be used other than in front of Siege, but Embedded sure works. I'm happily awaiting the event, 'cause it sounds like it'll be epic.