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SNEAK PEEK: Quesada Siege Variants

Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada shows off the pencils to his connecting variant covers for SIEGE

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
PENCILS: Oliver Coipel
Beginning with the ravaging affects of Avengers Disassembled and following the aftermaths of House of M, Civil War and Secret Invasion, culminating with the evil Reign of Norman Osborn, the Marvel Universe has been left with its greatest villains holding more power and control than ever before. On the brink of madness, Osborn, in his final bid to take total control, targets the final obstacle in his mission...Asgard. Events are set in motion forcing our heroes to put aside the deep rifts that have grown over the past seven years. Opposing them stand a horde of evil that has begun to take down the gods of the Golden Realm! SIEGE will rock the foundations of every super hero, villain and team in the Marvel Universe. As an era ends, one word will ring above all others..."SIEGE." Rated T ...$3.99
January 6, 2010

SIEGE variant cover pencils by Joe Quesada
WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
PENCILS: Olivier Coipel
The blockbuster Marvel event of the year goes full-blown carnage and madness as the biggest and most brutal battle in Marvel's history brings together heroes from all sides. Lines have been drawn, and an unlikely hero will save one Avenger, but they can't save them all. The Siege has begun and it claims its first victim as AN AVENGER WILL DIE!! Cardstock Cover/Rated T+ ...$3.99
IN STORES: February 3, 2010

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      I was just thinking their are some Enormous inconsistencies with Character development in the Marvel Universe -If the Illuminati shipped the HULK off planet for being a threat -Why is it they have not thought of the SENTRY as the biggest threat ...say ever?The SENTRY is totally Coo..Coo with the power to manipulatemolecules - he could simply wipe out the entire planet with but a thought.You'd think they'd at least say hay this guy needs a Lobotomy!and they would send every Psychic hero and or villain in the Marvel U to at least pacify him at least until they could figure out what to do?Hey and even Norman Osborn - although he is slightly out of his mind toohas kept it together enough to run H.A.M.M.E.R. - So in SIEGE we're led to believe that Norman Osborn feels that Thor and his compatriots (Asgardians) are a threat so he's leading an assault to persuade them to leave Midgard - For Norman Osborn not to see the SENTRY as a grave potential threat is just ...too far out of character.Unless Norman is only using the SENTRy as a tool and plans to deal with him after Asgard?This still would not explain the Illuminati's inaction -


      [quote@4v3n63r I wonder if they mean a true or dark avenger. :hawkeye:[/quote] They mean Captain America. Don't worry, though, he'll be back.


      Man these covers look amazing its so in ur face, U can really feel the power and threat of these great heroes joining together again to kick some ass. :)Good work joe q and the many great people at marvel

      DannyBlaze member

      Looks pretty good, not as good as most of his work but maybe with the inks and colors it'll look better. Not bashing the art, just saying.


      Covers look awesome. Love Joe Q's art.


      I wonder if they mean a true or dark avenger. :hawkeye: