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Doctor Voodoo: Facing His Nightmares

Rick Remender calls the plays as the new Sorcerer Supreme goes toe-to-toe with his predecessor's nemesis, Nightmare

By Marc Strom

When the evil Nightmare tries to take control of the entire world in DOCTOR VOODOO: AVENGER OF THE SUPERNATURAL #4, on January 20, writer Rick Remender and artist Jefte Palo will have to help Jericho Drumm face the bad dreams of everyone on Earth.

"I like the potential of Nightmare," explains Remender as to why he chose the villain for Doctor Voodoo's first foe. "He controls a power I've coined as 'the unreal.' I also needed to use characters that were well known, so their power levels were also understood and you clearly knew what Jericho was up against his first day on the job. When you hear that Jericho is up to his eyes in Nightmare, Doctor Doom and Dormammu, you know he's in for a bad time. Had we opened with a new character it wouldn't have had the same impact. The way it's all planned out, it will ultimately also help to establish the power levels of Ogoun, the new big Voodoo-specific villain who we got a glimpse of in issue #3.

"Beyond the practical reason to use traditional big time supernatural villains, I love the characters. Nightmare and Doom are both tremendous fun to write. One is the living embodiment of all of mankind's worst fears and terrors, an unlimited potential for psychological horror. The other is-well, the other is Doom."

In the latest issue of DOCTOR VOODOO, Nightmare claimed to have manipulated Brother Voodoo's ascension to the role of Sorcerer Supreme, adding to the uncertainty Drumm feels in his new position.

"Jericho never felt worthy," remarks Remender. "Who would? You'd have to be some kind of megalomaniacal egotist of the highest order to be handed that job and think you're in any way ready. Jericho has done his best to maintain everything in the face of a nasty bad band of trouble. The effect of what Nightmare is putting him through is pure psychological terror: Being handed the keys to the Eye of Agamotto the same day Earth

is infested with the things of nightmare. However, when pitted against great odds, a strong man will display his inherent morality and move beyond the desire to simply live to see tomorrow and opt for the greater good. There is no such thing as a hero, only brief shining moments of valor from men and women who endeavor against instinct to overcome great terror. Jericho will have to earn his reputation."

All the changes going on in the mystical world, such as the coming of a new Sorcerer Supreme, have allowed Nightmare the opportunity to bring such an ambitious plan to fruition and assert his power over the mortal plane.

"Transition of power, a new guy in charge, and Nightmare has been planting seeds for this in Jericho's dreams for years," lists Remender. "How did he know Jericho would be chosen? There is more going on than the eye can see."

Remender likes to play with both large-scale, Earth-shattering conflicts, as well as smaller, more human concerns for Doctor Voodoo.

"I think you can do both successfully with the character," notes the writer. "I think his life as a doctor in New Orleans and as Houngan Supreme offer smaller scale human complications while the Sorcerer Supreme mantle will obviously put him in harm's way from larger sized threats."

Once this arc wraps up, however, fans can expect another change in Doctor Voodoo's status quo.

"While the series is concluding with issue #5, Jericho is very much a part of the Avengers universe and will continue to be a presence in upcoming events," promises Remender.

Before that, though, Doctor Voodoo has to make it out of his final issue in one piece.

"Issue #5 is going to be a blast," vows the writer. "Everything that happened in the first four issues pays off big. Many of the things readers thought were just happenstance or smaller, insignificant moments turn out to be major plot points. It'll be a lot of fun to hear reactions to the final issue."


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      Seeing as Doc V is going to be part of the Avengers now this title is cancelled...they should've had him part of that team for awhile BEFORE giving the character an ongoing. Would've helped to have him exposed to an audience through the Avengers for awhile, then give the character an ongoing.Jumped the gun with this series in my opinion. I will miss this title, just like I miss Captain Britain and MI13.


      Not less for too long at all...Title seemed to me like a very nice material for on-going title, but I guess marvel has to make a lot of probes with new titles until they find good matching. This time it's a mismatch... :(


      Cancelled!?!?!Why is Doc V getting cancelled?This is one of my favorite books.Kinda sad to see Doc V go--I'll miss ya like I miss She-Hulk's on-going.This book should of lasted more than 5 issues--I hope it gets another chance like She-Hulk did.