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Marvel Motion Comics

Winner of Aniboom/Marvel Competition Announced

John Griffith smashes his way to victory in the Aniboom/Marvel Motion Comics Competition

By Kevin Mahadeo

John Griffith always wanted to animate the 12-page "Puny Little Man" story by writer Jeph Loeb and artist Ed McGuinness from WOLVERINE #50 (2007)-He just never expected to take home the Grand Prize in the Aniboom/Marvel Motion Comics Competition for doing so.

An employee of 20th Century Fox, Griffith creates pre-visualizations for films, and while working on "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" two years ago, he discovered the comic issue and immediately knew he wanted to one day animate the brutal brawl. When Griffith came across the contest while surfing the web, he knew his chance had arrived.

"It's like battle of the gods right there with two of my favorite characters of all time," says Griffith. "You've got the Hulk, who represents extreme strength and power, and Wolverine on other side, who is just completely feral and wild. It's just great to see those two characters put together."

As the grand prize winner, Griffith will receive $10,000 and his motion comic entry, "The Stronger," will be featured on Marvel.com. His work with pre-visualizations-the next stage after storyboarding that animates scenes' video game-like cinematics-helped Griffith develop the style he employed for his motion comic, which he describes as 3-D visuals that appear two-dimensional. A fan of both comics and animation, Griffith admits to a deep-seeded interest in the field of motion comics and the potential he sees within.

"We're just starting to scratch the surface," he says. "I think adding a cinematic quality is the key to me; and interjecting the personality and character that each hero needs when you're telling the story as far as voice acting. I think there's so much more room to grow it into something that still pays tribute to the comic book and doesn't steer away and become purely animation."

As for the future, Griffith says he doesn't plan on leaving the world of motion comics any time soon. And despite already animating one earth-shattering showdown between the green goliath and the clawed Canuck, the contest winner says there's another version of the fight he can't wait to someday turn into a full-fledged motion comic.

"I'd like to get more into the anime qualities of what motion comics could be-a little more violent," says Griffith. "The one I did for the Aniboom contest was paying homage to the original fight when Wolverine was first introduced in INCREDIBLE HULK. It has the 60's-70's vibe of dialogue and is kind of poking fun at it, which is fun. But I think the ULTIMATE WOLVERINE VS HULK [series] is where it's at. You can get more vicious and a little more violent with it. That's on my agenda at some point."


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I thought what Griffith did for the contest was very interesting. Would I pay for the privilege of seeing more of his work (or similar from someone else)? Most decidedly not. He may not think so but he loses so many nuance of the original artwork. He spins the camera so much it made me dizzy in a few scenes. I like the ability to READ the story while perusing the accompanying graphics. Sometimes reviewing sections again to better understand the story flow.As a long time comic fan and collector, if I was to invest in ANY sort of digital copy , it would be without any cheesy animation elements and just hi res digital scans of the original pages with lettering.