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Inside Chris Samnee's Siege: Embedded Sketchbook

We cracked open SIEGE: EMBEDDED artist Chris Samnee's sketchbook to get an exclusive look inside the new series.

Venom sketch by Chris Samnee
By Ryan Penagos

With a Midwestern tragedy and the invasion and attack of Asgard in SIEGE #1, Norman Osborn's mad quest for power may have finally gone too far. While heroes, pretenders and gods wage war, innocents pay the price.

In SIEGE: EMBEDDED, writer Brian Reed and artist Chris Samnee explore the events in and around SIEGE from the man on the street, including Ben Urich, hard-nosed journalist and Publisher of the Front Line newspaper.

To coincide with the release of SIEGE: EMBEDDED #1, we pestered, prodded and pleaded with artist Chris Samnee to open up his sketchbook and provide some insight into his artistic process and his feelings on some of the characters central to the series. Enjoy!

Ben Urich sketch by Chris Samnee


Urich has had the same basic look in all of his appearances in the Marvel Universe. Since I'm not one to mess with a good thing, I stuck with his classic khaki pants, tie and trenchcoat look.  I've updated his glasses slightly and really just tried to stick as close to [David] Mazzucchelli's interpretation as possible.

Hawkeye sketch by Chris Samnee



I've drawn Hawkeye dozens of times in the past but always as Clint Barton. This sketch was my first crack at trying to show Bullseye's face behind the mask.

Norman Osborn sketch by Chris Samnee



Samnee: John Romita's Norman can't be topped. I tried to make him a bit older...maybe a bit darker, but at the end of the day Romita's version is what I think of when I picture Osborn.

Venom sketch by Chris Samnee


Both of these Venom sketches were an attempt to figure out my take on Venom's size and texture.  His overall design has pretty much stood the test of time but, since my last doodles of Venom were stored in a Trapper Keeper back in high school, I figured it'd be best to come at him from a couple different directions before tackling him on the page.

Volstagg sketch by Chris Samnee


This is almost exactly as he appears in the series.  I wasn't sure if I'd be able to do him justice when I heard that he'd be in the book, but he's been a surprisingly fun character to draw. Whenever I read Brian Reed's script. Volstagg's voice in my head sounds like John Dimaggio's Aquaman from the "Batman: Brave and the Bold" cartoon.

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