Unlimited Highlights

Unlimited Highlights: Road to Siege

Look back at some of the milestone moments that have lead up to the earth-shattering Siege!



By Ben Chabala

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With Siege on sale now, this week we shine the spotlight on some of the books that were integral to this epic event. Take a look at the destruction of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the horror the Scarlet Witch wrought in the House of M, the beginning of Dark Reign and more! Also be sure to check out the FREE Siege Digital Prologue.


It's the epilogue to "Avengers: Disassembled" and Earth's Mightiest Heroes have fallen apart. After facing countless villains, monsters and alieninvaions, who would have thought the Avengers would be laid low by one of there own? But even amidst the devastation there yet remains a glimmer of hope as the surviving members recount their best moments as a part of the team before they go their separate ways. This special one-shot features an all-star roster of artists including George Perez, Jim Cheung, Eric Powell, Alex Maleev and more! And to see how this pivotal event set the stage for Siege, be sure to listen to Marvel Hotline: Brian Michael Bendis on AVENGERS: DISASSEMBLED.

Following the death and destruction she wrought in "Avengers: Disassembled," the Scarlet Witch returns, but this time she's used her reality-altering powers to remake the entire in her father, Magneto's, image. Here the Homo superior reign supreme and the humans rank in the minority as near-second class citizens. But Wolverine knows something doesn't smell right and he's going to follow his nose through friend and foe alike until he understands what's happened to his world. The Marvel Universe as you know it no longer exists, welcome to the House of M, the first story pairing Bendis with his SIEGE collaborator Olivier Coipel. Also take a look back at the Scarlet Witch's mutant-ruled fantasy world in Marvel Hotline: Bendis On House of M.

The United States has been engulfed by Civil War. After the tragic events in Stamford, Connecticut, the super hero community has divided into two groups: Iron Man's pro-registration team and Captain America's underground resistance. But where does that leave the Sentry, the man with the power of a million exploding suns? Bob Reynolds, fearing his actions might bring back his polar opposite, the evil Void, retreats to the moon amongst the Inhumans to think about his position in the conflict. But Iron Man needs the Sentry if he's going to win his war and Bob needs to make a choice. For added info on this landmark tale, listen to Marvel Hotline: Bendis on Civil War.

Just when you thought the danger had ended following the Skrull invasion, a psychotic ex-super villain takes control of the largest military police force in the world.. That's right, Norman Osborn controls H.A.M.M.ME.R. and he's looking for a little assistance from the world's most powerful ne'er-do-wells: Namor, the Hood, Loki, Emma Frost and Doctor Doom. Without the Avengers to stand against him and the super hero community stil  divided, Norman rules unopposed, but he's playing a very dangerous game and one wrong move could cost him more than just his job.

After going underground during the Secret Invasion, Nick Fury formed a team of teenage super heroes, the Secret Warriors. But with the Skrull threat neutralized, Nick stumbled onto an even bigger secret and will need a little divine intervention if he hopes to save the world from itself. Unfortunately, the godly assistance he recruits has an ill-tempered, super-strong father who goes by the name of Ares, God of War. Now it's Nick Fury vs Ares, with Phobos, the God of Fear, as the prize. Do Nick and company have what it takes to tussle with a god and live? Find out here!

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