New Mutants: Mission Statement

Writer Zeb Wells hints on the revelation of his X-team’s secret purpose



NEW MUTANTS #10 preview art
By Marc Strom

When the New Mutants recently came back together, they had no idea Cyclops assembled them for a specific purpose of his own. And while the team members may remain in the dark for a little bit longer, readers will get a peak behind the curtain in NEW MUTANTS #10 on February 10, courtesy of writer Zeb Wells and artists Paul Davidson and David Lopez.

"The team doesn't have any reason to suspect that they're anything more than what Cyclops is telling them they are: another team of X-Men," relates Wells. "Cyclops' secondary objective comes to light as a result of Emma [Frost's] prodding. She wants to know what Cyclops's plan is."

As the series quickly moves towards its second year, the revelation of Cyclops's true design for the team will have an impact on the New Mutants and their adventures.

"Things will get more focused and Illyana's storyline will come to the fore," teases Wells.

Fans have already seen a major development in Illyana's story with NEW MUTANTS #9, which introduced a team of soldiers who have recently returned from Limbo, a place where the mutant also known as Magik and her teammates have spent a considerable amount of time in the past.

"[The soldiers] are connected to all the New Mutants' past," Wells informs us. "Illyana is on their radar because they discovered things in Limbo that make her valuable to them."

NEW MUTANTS #10 preview art
Looking to the future, the reveals in NEW MUTANTS #10 will help set up the team for their involvement in the Second Coming crossover beginning with issue #12.

"It will definitely add more weight to their actions in the crossover, yes," notes Wells.

On the artistic side of things, Wells promises readers a visual treat over the next few months.

"After Paul Davidson's art in issue #10 with David Lopez, Ibraim Roberson comes on for art chores on Second Coming. These books are looking great!"


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