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EXCLUSIVE: Wolverine Reaches a Reckoning

Marjorie Liu and Daniel Way bring Wolverine, Daken and Romulus together in a major crossover

By Kevin Mahadeo

Get ready for some claw-on-claw violence this April as writers Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu bring murder and mayhem to a new level with the four-part DARK WOLVERINE/WOLVERINE: ORIGINS crossover "Reckoning."

"The story involves three of the most complicated characters in the [Marvel Universe]-Wolverine, Daken and Romulus-so the best way to go into it is to expect the unexpected," says Way. "But since they're also some of the most violent characters, well, it's safe to say you can expect blood."

The crossover brings the three feral mutants to a final confrontation and brings to a close the over-arching thread that has been running through both titles for the past two years. The bloodshed begins with DARK

DARK WOLVERINE #85 cover by Stephen Segovia
WOLVERINE #85, penned by Liu and played out from the perspective of the title's main protagonist Daken. After much preparation, the Dark Avenger heads into battle to take what he believes to be his rightful place as the new Romulus. However, Liu hints that Daken's resolve may not be as unbreakable as his recently metalized claws.

"In a very twisted way, Romulus is a bit of a father figure to Daken, and the one person who can make him feel on shaky ground," she explains. "So while Daken is determined to end it, the confidence he projects isn't necessarily what he's feeling."

The story continues into the pages of ORIGINS, where Wolverine will be teaming with his son to take down Romulus, but also has his own set of plans for both his ancient enemy and slashing baby boy. In order to put his scheme into motion, Logan recently began recruiting the help of friends and enemies alike, including Skaar, Cloak and Ruby Thursday. Unfortunately for Logan, Way reminds readers that not all of these characters have trustworthy backgrounds and that Romulus has a way of manipulating and breaking even the strongest of minds.

"Wolverine is fully aware that, not only can his plan fail, he could actually die," warns Way. "And not just momentarily, I mean forever. He's putting it all on the line in this final battle; it's either win or lose, with no exit strategy if things go wrong. And I guarantee you, 100 percent, that things will go wrong."

As the writer on ORIGINS since the title's launch back in 2006, Way has been building to this story for quite some time. Liu expresses great

WOLVERINE: ORIGINS #47 cover by Simone Bianchi
appreciation for being able to work with Way both as a co-writer on DARK WOLVERINE for the past year and as part of this crossover.

"It's always great working with Dan, especially in this case, as the relationship between Wolverine, Daken, and Romulus exists pretty much as his brainchild," she expresses. "I believe that the crossover serves as a goodbye to his fantastic run on WOLVERINE: ORIGINS, and I'm glad that the two books will tie together to create the final notes of that long running storyline."

"It's an odd feeling, actually," adds Way. "There are some things that I regret not being able to do and yet, there are so many great elements that I've been able to either introduce and/or resolve that it kind of cancels out any regrets."


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