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Guardians of the Galaxy: Magus Rising

Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning tease the Magus' return in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #23

By Marc Strom

The Guardians of the Galaxy thought they'd seen the last of the Magus-Adam Warlock's evil future self-but they'll soon find out how wrong they were.

In GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #23 on February 17, writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning along with artist Wes Craig reveal how the Magus escaped his seemingly fatal encounter with Star-Lord and the rest of his team.

"He tricked everyone," declares Abnett. "Is there anything about the Magus that suggests he's even slightly trustworthy? He's a cosmic-powered trickster of the first magnitude, and he will do anything he has to [in order to] win, including faking his own death!"

While Abnett and Lanning made it appear as if the Magus' storyline came to a close with GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #19, they chose to employ a different narrative structure with the villain's plotline for a number of reasons.

"Because it's unusual," explains Lanning. "We like to tell unconventional

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #23 black and white preview art by Wes Craig
stories when we can, or stories that shock or twist in surprising ways, and it occurred to us this would be very unusual: our heroes and our readers think something's done and over with, and it's not at all. In fact, it's got worse. No neat endings, [just] like real life."

Magus' reappearance will have great repercussions for the ongoing story of the Fault, a rip in space in time that has opened the Marvel Universe to attack from a cancerous dimension at the other end.

"[The Magus is involved] in every way," promises Abnett. "Warlock became Magus stopping the Fault from swallowing the Marvel Universe. Now the Magus is going to use the Fault for his own ends. He is a bad, bad man."

As to what those ends consist of, Lanning couldn't reveal too much.

"We're going to have to wait and see, but it's not going to be good," he suggests. "The fact that he's the head of the Universal Church of Truth may be a clue; intergalactic domination and subjugation of all species to his evil will anybody?"

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #23 black and white preview art by Wes Craig
What-if anything-have the Guardians learned from their first fight with Magus that they'll be relying on in this confrontation? Given Magus' incredible power levels, they will have their work cut out for them when they have to face him once again, though this time Abnett jokingly suggests they should "check the body and confirm the kill."

The repercussions of Magus' return won't just impact the current Realm of Kings arc running throughout Abnett and Lanning's cosmic corner of the Marvel Universe.

"This is paving the way to a big big story for 2010," teases Lanning. "The consequence of three years of cosmic storylines and plots. Did we say big? You've seen us do big. This time we mean big."


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      Um, was that Shuma Gorath on the last page? I believe it was. AWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEESOMMMMMMMEEEEEE!!!!!!


      DnA rule, GotG rule,Wes Craig looks like he is getting better,Looking forward to the story to come out.Wish it came out today.later


      Yeah, it happened pretty quick to me too....but I knew that he wasn't dead. I mean, he's the MAGUS!...Star-Lord wasn't going to take him out that easily.


      that happen a lot sooner then i thought it would.


      Sounds like something to really look forward to. I have one question... Is there anything that Abnett writes that isn't good?