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Marvel Team-Up: Spider-Man & Conan O'Brien

Senior Editor Steve Wacker gives the secret origin of Conan O'Brien's appearance in a Spider-Man comic book!

By Ryan Penagos

Senior Editor Steve Wacker's a casual Tweeter. He posts some jokes, gives guff to his friends and co-workers and ocassionally posts art or a cool link. Today, he linked to the blog of artist Paolo Rivera, in particular a post in which Paolo included two pieces of art from MYTHOS: SPIDER-MAN (published in 2007) that feature Conan O'Brien.

Spider-Man and Conan O'Brien from MYTHOS: SPIDER-MAN
With Conan O'Brien wrapping up his run on "The Tonight Show" this evening, and curious over how Conan came to be in a Marvel comic, we got the scoop, straight from Wacker himself.

Steve Wacker: If it bends it's funny, if it breaks it's not funny.  You understand what I'm saying?

Marvel.com: No.

Steve Wacker: How can I put it another way? When a man loves a woman... What were we talking about again?

Marvel.com: MYTHOS....and are you a Conan O'Brien fan?

Steve Wacker: Big Conan O'Brien fan. I like the dog puppet most, and that bear that acts like me. [Laughs] That's a good impression of me.

Spider-Man and Conan O'Brien from MYTHOS: SPIDER-MAN
What happened was Paolo Rivera was doing MYTHOS with [Paul] Jenkins. I inherited this MYTHOS line of books when I came over here.  He was drawing this beautiful origin of Spider-Man in MYTHOS.  It's one of the best-looking books I've ever edited.

[Paolo] had a friend over at NBC named Marc Liepis who now works for the Jimmy Fallon show, but at the time he was working for Conan.  [Marc] thought he could get Conan to approve an appearance for the part of Spider-Man's origin story where he's appearing on tv doing all of his tricks and stuff and getting some celebrity.

Joe Quesada, Conan O'Brien, Paolo Rivera and Steve Wacker

So we sent the appearance approval paperwork over and I thought "this will be the end of that," we'd never hear about this again, because some guy is talking big in a bar. The next thing I know, the stuff shows up. The paperwork, it's signed by Conan O'Brien.  We get to run this page. Marc, very nicely brought Joe and me and Paolo to the show and we get our pictures taken with Conan. Paolo gave [Conan] the page, and it was hanging in Conan's office. It was a very cool couple of weeks.

And that's the secret origin of that page.

We wish good luck to Conan O'Brien and urge everyone to read MYTHOS: SPIDER-MAN on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.


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Conan could never work in main stream comic books because his hair is too unbelievable. Spider-man, Thor, Fin Fang Foom I can buy. But that plume on Conan's head...that's too out there for me.I'm with Coco! Cone Zone member for life!


Just another worthless comic to use as tp.


Conan's tall. Those other dudes are probably wearing heels.


So Conan only gets a one-page cameo, how come Jay Leno had a whole team-up story with Spider-Man in the back of most of Marvel's comics in May 2002...?I'm with Coco!

CloakedDagger member

Conan should become a superhero, now that Tonight Show is ending. I say he should be called "the Amazing Coco"!