Amazing Spider-Man: Bite Night

Fred Van Lente returns Morbius the Living Vampire to Peter Parker’s world



By Marc Strom

It's a question only a Living Vampire could answer: Does irradiated blood taste different than the regular kind?

Morbius will get another chance to find out when writer Fred Van Lente and artist Joe Quinones reunite him with that Friendly Neighborhood Wallcrawler in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #622 on February 24.

"This issue follows directly from the [Dan] Slott and [Marcos] Martin story that precedes it," explains Van Lente. "A certain vial of Spider-Man's blood has been kicking around since the beginning of Brand New Day. Once it was in possession of Mister Negative, now it's fallen into the hands of the Living Vampire, and Spidey's on a quest to get it back!"

Van Lente, no stranger to Morbius after writing him in both MARVEL ZOMBIES 3 and 4, says his affection for the character-along with the fanged fella's history with Spider-Man-led him to include the misunderstood soul in this AMAZING story.

"I really love the character," exudes the writer about Morbius. "He first appeared in [AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #100], of course; my understanding is that Stan Lee wanted to launch a series of new monster characters, and he premiered Morbius in AMAZING first because that was Marvel's most successful title at the time. But he's been an anti-hero pretty much ever

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #622 cover by Simone Bianchi
since then with two solo titles of his own. I'm trying to keep that characterization consistent here. He's still an anti-hero. Spidey may not entirely understand what's going on here with his blood, and in the course of his search [he] will run afoul of one of Morbius's most beautiful and poignant adversaries from his 1990's solo series."

Following the events of MARVEL ZOMBIES 4, Morbius has split his time between two different endeavors.

"He's dividing his time working for A.R.M.O.R., the inter-dimensional defense agency from MARVEL ZOMBIES, and hanging with Frankencastle over in PUNISHER," relates Van Lente. "He's a busy vampire."

With Van Lente penning the next MARVEL ZOMBIES tale beginning in April, fans can expect the writer to lay some of the groundwork for that series in this story.

"[AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #622] is crucial to the opening of MARVEL ZOMBIES 5," he promises. "In many ways his appearance here it what sets off the MZ5 series, so you won't want to miss it."

But this issue won't only include Morbius, notes Van Lente:

"Did I mention the beautiful Black Cat is in this tale too?"


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