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Unlimited Highlights: The Fantastic Four

Visit some extremely exotic locales alongside Marvel's First Family, the phenomenal Fantastic Four!



By Ben Chabala

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To tie-in with the "Prime Elements" storyline beginning in FANTASTIC FOUR #575, on-sale this week, Unlimited Highlights invites you to join Mister Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch, and the Thing as they travel to some of the Marvel Universe's most exotic locales doing what they do best: smashing bad guys and saving the day!


Prince Namor, the Avenging Son of Atlantis, returns once more to his home beneath the waves much to the joy of his loyal followers. Meanwhile, the Fantastic Four decide to take a much needed vacation, a cruise on the high seas in fact. However, the Sub-Mariner forces the quartet of adventurers to mix their pleasure with business when he captures and imprisons them in an undersea lair. Now, unless Reed, Ben, and Johnny can convince the United Nations to surrender the planet to Namor, there will be war. Will the FF be able to defeat the entire Atlantean army or will the world as we know it succumb to Prince Namor and his denizens of the deep?

Move over FF, there's a new freaky family in town! After meeting the aptly named Medusa and her telekinetic locks, the Fantastic Four face down the rest of the Inhuman Royal Family of Attilan when they go looking for the wayward woman. The silently stoic leader of the hidden race, Black Bolt, with his electron-enhanced strength and speed, proves more than a match for the heroes, but when he and his family hear that the enigmatic Seeker has captured his cousin Triton, they decide to cut and run. But now the Seeker has a lead on the Inhumans and it seems that the Fantastic Four have stumbled onto something much bigger than a back-alley super-powered brawl. And what's Dragon Man up to?

FANTASTIC FOUR #251 (1961)
With no super villians to battle and no alien invasions to repel, the Fantastic Four decides to take an off day. The Thing helps New York's finest cure the Big Apple of a little traffic congestion, Johnny takes to the skies and tries his luck with some pretty girls, and Reed and Sue try to deal with all of the complaints from the Baxter Building residents. But a very normal day in the life of the FF wouldn't be complete without a quick trip to the Negative Zone, home to some of the most dangerous foes the team has ever faced, Annihilus chief amongst them. Little does the team realize that the door they pass through swings both ways, and as they enter, someone with a bone to pick with humanity gets out. Let's hope that when the Fantastic Four return from their little excursion, there'll be a world worth coming back to!

FANTASTIC FOUR #348 (1961)
When the Human Torch, Mister Fantastic and the Thing, wind up on slabs, proclaimed dead, the unlikely team of Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, the Hulk and Wolverine set out to find their killers. However, there's more to this situation than meets the eye, as the denizens of Monster Island run rampant all over the world. With the "new" FF flying off to the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, things look bleak. Throw some rebel Skrulls, the Mole Man, and an imposter Invisible Woman into the mix and witness a story you'll just have to read to believe!

BLACK PANTHER #31 (2005)
After using King Solomon's pesky pet frogs to extract a Negative Zone monster from the Baxter Building, T'Challa, Storm, the Thing and the Human Torch get sent on a whirlwind tour of the multi-verse. They meet zombies, Skrulls, and eventually the Psycho Man in the Sub-Atomica Universe, who takes them captive, torturing the beleaguered adventurers with his malicious mind-altering machines. But just when all seems lost, Storm manages to cause a short circuit and fell the villain with a well-placed lightning bolt. To escape, the foursome have no choice but to use the  frogs again, and in a brilliant flash of light find themselves in the United States during the 1920's, where gangsters tote laser-blasting tommy guns! Hang on gang, your excellent adventure isn't quite over yet!


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