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She-Hulk Week

Fall of the She-Hulks

Jeff Parker throws Lyra in the deep end with FALL OF THE HULKS: THE SAVAGE SHE-HULKS

By Marc Strom

As the Intelligencia's plan against Bruce Banner and his gamma-irradiated cohorts kicks into high gear, writer Jeff Parker and artist Salva Espin shed some light on what Banner's daughter Lyra has gotten herself into with FALL OF THE HULKS: THE SAVAGE SHE-HULKS #1 on March 3. Last seen in HULK #19, Lyra-the All-New, All-Savage She-Hulk-now counts herself as one of the Frightful Four. But just how she wound up there remains something of a mystery.

"That is something that will be explained in SAVAGE SHE-HULKS #1," Parker vows. "When we meet her again, we find she's tracked down her mother, Thundra. And apparently [she] has some problems to work out with her, the way Hulks do. Is she possibly rebelling against her mom, who refused the Wizard's last offer to join his group?"

One of the newest additions to the Hulk family, Lyra has spent the last several months attempting to orient herself to the present-day Marvel

FALL OF THE HULKS: THE SAVAGE SHE-HULKS #1 black and white preview art by Salva Espin
Universe after traveling from her own world in the future.

"Lyra is still trying to figure out how to fit in and lead a life here in her father's world," notes Parker. "But she's finding that people see the green skin and start running. Still, she's giving it a shot."

Lyra currently shares the moniker of "She-Hulk" with two other women: Banner's cousin Jennifer Walters and the mysterious Red She-Hulk; Parker promises that she'll encounter at least one of them again in the near future.

"We've already seen that she and Red She-Hulk don't play nicely, and that relationship keeps going like that in a big way," he suggests. "As for Jennifer Walters, no one knows what has happened to her or where she is."

Parker, who originally created Lyra in HULK: RAGING THUNDER #1, says he never expected the new She-Hulk to become such a big part of Bruce Banner's world.

"No, or I would have given her a name," jokes the writer. "Luckily Fred Van Lente finally decided to name her or everyone would be saying 'hey you' to her."

FALL OF THE HULKS: THE SAVAGE SHE-HULKS #1 black and white preview art by Salva Espin
Since her first appearance, writers Paul Tobin and Fred Van Lente have helped guide Lyra into the Marvel Universe and the Hulk's life.

"Paul and Fred added vital depth to her character," says Parker. "My origin story mainly set up how she was created to become a champion to her people. Paul fleshed out that future world and suggested that maybe her fellow sisters kind of resented her-she is the only one who has a father, after all, and men are the enemy in that future.

"Fred, as mentioned, bothered to name her, and added one of my favorite details: that Lyra gets weaker when she gets angry. So she has adopted a zen-like meditative fighting state that she goes into to more effectively whip butt."

Now, Lyra has come full circle back into the hands of the writer who conceived of her, but she might prove worse the wear for it.

"You know that song 'You Always Hurt The One You Love?' That should be Lyra's theme song."

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      Need more Jen Walters! :( :shehulk: I preferred Dan Slotts run to Davidsons, but enjoyed both overall.The character *really* needs more love. Its because of SheHulk that I got hocked on Marvel. The super-hero-law angle crossed over with so much of the universe that I was keen to see more. Yet at the same time it worked perfectly stand-alone.Please, don't ignore her!Preferably a new series, digital or not...dont care!


      She-Hulk (Jen) really needs to be in a book somewhere (and a particular Hulk-book recently implied that is not guaranteed, but more is left to be seen) but I keep thinking the approach to her just doesn't work somehow. I don't know if it's her not being serious enough, not funny enough, or not sensual enough (not that I'm saying she needs to be pimped out, but one of her selling points was her sexuality). She's well loved, but for some reason, she doesn't get the series treatment that brings in the high (and consistent) reader numbers. It's also hard to break the mold with some characters, which is why they've been often replaced with other versions carrying their name - so they can be seen and treated in a new light with sales making potential - however, Lyra doesn't scream "Buy!" to me (even though I like her a touch more than I did when she was introduced as a highly unnecessary extra She-Hulk - that's waning a bit now with her Frightful Four association though). With Jen, I'd probably see her benefiting from a trip to Sakaar and playing off the characters there. I would've paid cash-money to have seen Jen dropped on that world searching for Bruce (even if just missing him as he left for Earth/WWH and being stuck there for a while interacting with the locals - alongside her means of getting there, Jacinda) but they done went and blew that up good! It will definitely also feel cheap to try to manufacture another Sakaar out of the blue OR even a reason for her to be out there now.Now, I don't know if it was an internal lack of communication that has Jen's 'birthday' occurring around a time they've all but disappeared her from comics, unless a big comeback is going to usher in the date, but Marvel has a big chance to up-end DC after they snubbed Supergirl's big anniversary (and that's [i] with[/i] a current ongoing) and Wonder Woman is looking at a reluctant renumbering for her milestone marker. At least they're acknowledging her here, though she deserves a special or something.


      Call me when Jen appears in this series, then I might be interested...... not to mention somewhat sad that Jen's birthday is being crashed by cardboard cut-out pretenders :(


      Peter David did an awesome job with She-Hulk, was a really surprising and enjoyable read. If she doesn't get her own book at least put her in the new Avengers book.


      [quote@ponymaster she hulk is awesome[/quote] I agree but now if Marvel would give her back her subscription series that would seal the deal. There are alot of us She-Hulk fans out there and we would sub in a minute. I know they are going gaga over the digital comics but I'd like something I can hold in my hand.So come on Marvel bring her back please??