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Weapon X: Life and Deathlok

Jason Aaron brings a new breed of Deathlok to life in WOLVERINE: WEAPON X #11

WOLVERINE: WEAPON X #11 cover by Ron Garney
By Marc Strom

The future wants to kill you-or, at the very least, it wants to kill Wolverine and Captain America, as an army of time-traveling Deathloks make their way to the present on March 3 in WOLVERINE: WEAPON X #11, kicking off an all-new story arc titled "Tomorrow Dies Today" courtesy of writer Jason Aaron and artist Ron Garney!

"These are an all-new take on Deathlok, though one that takes a lot of cues from the original Luther Manning version," explains Aaron. "When we initially meet them, these new Deathloks seem like nothing more than mindless killing machines. But as the story progresses, we'll see that inside at least one of them there's a huge struggle taking place. That was one of the elements I always loved about those original Deathlok stories: the dueling personalities within Luther Manning. I'm going back to that here, though with a new twist."

Aaron laid some of the groundwork for Deathlok's return in DARK REIGN: THE LIST - WOLVERINE, but fans shouldn't worry about having to catch up on that story to understand the events of "Tomorrow Dies Today."

"I teased the arrival of Deathlok in that [one-shot] and we will be following up with the scientist character from that issue, but it's not required reading for anyone looking to check out this new arc," the writer promises.

Though a number of characters have used the moniker Deathlok since Luther Manning, Aaron sees several traits that unite the various incarnations.

"He's a big, bad-ass cyborg assassin from the future," he remarks. "He was The Terminator before there even was a Terminator. And the conflict he faces externally is nothing compared to what's going on inside his own head."

Looking at the character's history, one version of Deathlok sticks out to Aaron as particularly definitive.

"I love the original, the one who first appeared back in ASTONISHING TALES #25," he recalls. "Rich Buckler's art was awesome on those stories. All those 10 and 12-panel pages. Those first few issues are my favorites, especially the ones scripted by Doug Moench."

WOLVERINE: WEAPON X #12 cover by Ron Garney
When you boil it all down, however, one factor led the writer to introduce the new Deathloks into WOLVERINE: WEAPON X:

"For me, it's just getting to do a combination of big crazy violence and weird new characterizations," confesses Aaron. "That's what I live for.

"In addition to Deathloks, Deathloks and more Deathloks, there'll also be Captain America and beer. What more could you possibly want?"


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