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She-Hulk Week

Celebrating 30 Years of She-Hulk

Commemorate 30 years of everyone's favorite mean, green super heroine-the Savage, Sensational She-Hulk

By Jim Beard

Question: How does a seven-foot tall, green, gamma-spawned woman with the power of the Hulk celebrate her 30th anniversary in comic books?

Answer: Any way she wants!

In 1980, Stan Lee himself unleashed a new Marvel heroine on an unsuspecting world. Jennifer Walters, cousin of Doctor Bruce Banner, fell prey to wily criminals and desperately needed a blood transfusion. One shot of gamma-irradiated blood from Bruce later and the ground trembled under Jen's powerful new persona: the Savage She-Hulk!

Her first series, SAVAGE SHE-HULK, provided two incredible years worth of Jennifer's early adventures as her giant green alter-ego. It introduced readers to the female lawyer who at first kept her new self under wraps but swiftly learned that being She-Hulk meant a world of action and a release from the hum-drum of everyday life.

Soon, She-Hulk became the darling of the guest-star set and began to schmooze with super heroes across the Marvel Universe. Boisterous and unpredictable, Jen took the fear over her infamous cousin and turned it on its ear; her fellow good guys quickly realized that the She-Hulk, despite her hue and power, definitely didn't resemble the Incredible Hulk.

She-Hulk's memberships with a multitude of teams and groups represent a significant source of pride for her, and with good reason. What other heroine can claim to have adventured alongside such luminaries as the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, S.H.I.E.L.D., the Hulkbusters, the Defenders and the Lady Liberators? A tower of strength-literally and figuratively-she can always be counted on for a wry smile, a breezy devil-may-care attitude and one heckuva right hook.

With her second series, 1989's SENSATIONAL SHE-HULK, Ms. Walters gained a certain new-how should we say it?-sense of self-realization. To be blunt, She-Hulk recognized her existence as a character in a comic book. And ran with it. And ran, and ran and ran. By the time the series took its final bow, 60 issues later, Marvel fans knew there'd never again be a character quite as unique as the She-Hulk. Forever more would she stand far outside her cousin's brutish shadow.

After the demise of SENSATIONAL SHE-HULK our Shulkie found herself at loose ends. Never one to let the grass grow under her green feet, Jen picked up the pieces and once again became the go-to girl of guest appearances. During this time she discovered deep inner truths about her two selves and her ability to change back and forth between Jennifer Walters and the She-Hulk. Her law career, with Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzburg and Holloway, also blossomed and the practice of Superhuman Law gained an exciting new advocate and counselor.

Does it surprise anyone that this mean, green super heroine finally gained her own series again? Titled simply SHE-HULK and kicking off in 2004, the book represented a new era for Jen and her desire to help those in tumult and turmoil. Of course, she herself didn't prove immune to tumult and turmoil, as witnessed by her steady stream of love interests, including

SHE-HULK #1 (2004)
Wyatt Wingfoot, Luke Cage, the Juggernaut and even a marriage to John Jameson, better known as the Man-Wolf.

Nowadays, She-Hulk's deeply embroiled in the Hulk's troubled universe. It's an exciting time for her, but also a chaotic one.

But hey, it's She-Hulk's 30th anniversary, and as any Marvel fan knows our heroes always find a way to pull themselves up from adversity and succeed. The savage, sensational She-Hulk's proven herself time and time again to be as resilient a hero as any that ever walked the earth.

Happy Anniversary, Jen! Long may you Hulk-out!


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I cant stand shehulk, she ruined the Hulk cartoon, which was awesome till she showed up


I am glad that Marvel has put the spotlight on Jen all week here celebrating her 30th anniversary. I am so looking forward to the upcoming anniversary issue. Thanks, Marvel, for not forgetting this momentous occasion ! I really hope that Jen is resiliant enough to make it out of the Hulk's mess in one piece. She is really the only She-Hulk I care about and I would love it if she could get her series back ! Her last series was awesome both under Dan Slott and Peter David. It was a real shame to lose it. Now that Marvel is having this initiative to celebrate the women of Marvel, it would be great for that celebration to include an all new She-Hulk ongoing series !