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Double Down on Deadpool

The mouthiest mercs in the multiverse join together to save reality in PRELUDE TO THE DEADPOOL CORPS

PRELUDE TO THE DEADPOOL CORPS preview art by Rob Liefeld
By Kevin Mahadeo

The Marvel Universe gets five times its usual dose of madness this March when writer Victor Gischler brings together the most unusual group of heroes in the five-issue limited series PRELUDE TO THE DEADPOOL CORPS. One issue hits each week in March, leading to the April launch of the DEADPOOL CORPS ongoing series.

Gischler compares PRELUDE to the first half of films like 'The Dirty Dozen" and "The Magnificent Seven" where the main character recruits the various members of his team before heading off into the final battle.

"Each issue of the prelude is entertaining and fun in and of itself," says the writer. "But when you put all five issues together, they act as the first part of that kind of movie where you bring the team together and put them to the test."

The Deadpool Corps united behind-the-scenes after DEADPOOL: MERC WITH A MOUTH issue #7, which saw Deadpool and the zombified Headpool traveling across the multiverse, meeting alternate versions of themselves. Gischler says that story sparked an idea that editor Axel Alonso then fanned into a flame of dimension-spanning insanity.

One of the first members of the Corps recruited: the creepily sexy Lady Deadpool, introduced in the aforementioned issue of MERC WITH A MOUTH. Although the female assassin seemed a tad more stable than her regular Marvel Universe counterpart, Gischler reminds readers that looks can be deceiving.

"Her condition might manifest itself a little bit different," he hints. "She is Deadpool, but it's filtered through the way a female would handle herself

PRELUDE TO THE DEADPOOL CORPS preview art by Rob Liefeld
and conduct herself. We only get a couple of pages of her in MERC WITH A MOUTH #7, so when we get to that PRELUDE with her, we get to spend a little bit more time with her and get a better idea of her makeup and how she thinks about things. She might seem a little bit more stable, but she's definitely Deadpool. She's got all the problems and anxieties that make Deadpool Deadpool."

Also joining Wade's wacky band of misfits will be Kidpool, an underage version of the mouthy merc and resident of Xavier's School for Troubled Orphans. Gischler acknowledges that Deadpool himself already acts rather childlike most of the time. However, the writer says Kidpool takes that core level of immaturity found in all the Deadpools and multiplies it to an nth degree.

"I honestly thought a little bit about my son," admits Gischler. "He's the kid that has trouble sitting still. He wants to talk to the kid across the room instead of doing his math problems. Kidpool is like that. He's the precocious kid that doesn't want to sit still and do his math. He wants to goof off. You take a kid like that and you multiply it by 20 and that's Kidpool."

As if female, zombie-head and child versions of everyone's favorite wisecracking assassin weren't crazy enough, Gischler really amped up the insanity with the final member of the Corps.

"When I wrote the Kidpool issue, I thought that was the most fun I can have writing these preludes," he says. "Then I did the Dogpool issue and I knew I had gone over the edge."

PRELUDE TO THE DEADPOOL CORPS preview art by Rob Liefeld
The writer compares Dogpool to the character of Bill the Cat from the Sunday strip Bloom County. Described as a "hapless, hairy, mangy, pathetic mutt," Dogpool spends most of its time in a comatose state. But as always with Deadpool, expect the unexpected.

"Imagine you're dragging around a dead dog on a leash and talking to it and petting it and feeding it like it was a live dog," says Gischler. "Then suddenly it'll jump up and do something heroic and it's ridiculous. And I'm hoping it's ridiculous in the best possible way."

A group of Deadpools banding together to save the universe definitely seems like a crazy idea. However, Gischler confirms that before the mercs can kill the big bad, they must first learn to keep themselves from brutally and savagely killing each other. For a group of stage-stealing lunatics that may just prove to be the biggest challenge of all:

"Deadpool is an attention whore. Deep down, he wants to be liked. He wants other people to look at him and pay attention to him. Now, suddenly, he's in competition with four other Deadpools who are also attention whores who want people to look at them and like them. He does struggle a little bit. He's going to have to cope with how this group of loners can be a team. Not everybody can be center stage every minute of the day. So, there's potential for tension and conflict. Is Deadpool going to mature a little and handle this well or is going to cry and suck his thumb?"


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      why is this coming out?i though the multi dimenchanal deadpools worked well in the issue they where in but i never had any burning disare to see more of it becasue i thought it would get old fast


      The last statement leads me to believe there's going to be some depth here with the insanity. Not that I can imagine Deadpool maturing one iota, but you never know.


      [quote@Magai One can never have too many sidepockets.[/quote] Tis true....never know when you gonna need an extra pouch or two...or 12...


      One can never have too many sidepockets.