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Psych Ward

Psych Ward: Doctor Doom

On the eve of war, the ruler of Latverian ruler faces his annual evaluation

By Tim Stevens

Victor Von Doom is an adult male. While it is widely reported that he has suffered last tissue trauma on his face, the client has refused to remove his mask and confirm this. Similarly, he refuses to appear in session without his signature suit of armor, making his physical shape impossible to discern. It should also be noted that the client requires you refer to him as Doctor Doom when addressing him directly, although the credentials that allow him to lay claim to the title are a bit in question. As he put it, "Doom assures you the title 'Doctor' is earned and you would do well to not question Doom's assurance." This use of third person speech was not an all-together unusual occurrence during the session.

The client is currently the ruler of a small Eastern European country known as Latveria. While he did lose control of the country for a brief time, he recently re-established himself as the head of the state, he asserts,

"because it was destined." This therapist is speaking with Doom as part of the ruler's promise to the people that he will always be the perfect ruler and that the day something is wrong with him, he will step down. He commented that he was reasonably sure the "cursed Richards would not make that promise" and often commented on how much more open minded he was than Reed Richards to accept the validity of things like magic and psychology in his life. In general, he spoke about the well-known scientist, explorer, and leader of the Fantastic Four quite a bit.

Given Doom's seeming obsession with his past, it is the opinion of this therapist that someone of the psychoanalytic approach would be far more helpful. Much of what the client wishes to speak of that is not related to Richards are things related to his mother, an area that interests someone of this therapist's discipline very little. Still, attempts to redirect the ruler were met with intense stares and the occasional destroyed piece of furniture due to energy blasts. So, generally speaking, this writer sat and listened quietly to what might best be described as weeping rants.

When the client did speak of the present day, he spoke about wanting to re-establish himself as a global power. He seemed obsessed with loss of stature following his dethroning and subsequent assist from the director of the American organization known as H.A.M.M.E.R., Norman Osborn. He reported feeling as though he, and Latveria by extension, were no longer respected on the world stage and how unfair that was to him and, of course, his subjects. At one point, he began to discuss a possible invasion of another country to seize resources, display his might, and "gain

revenge on one of Richards' friends." However, before he could become more specific, the therapist did have to remind him that any plans involving homicide that the client discussed would mean that confidentiality was voided and the therapist would have to report said plans. While Doom felt this was "an affront" he declined to discuss anything about the invasion in further detail and confidentiality was therefore not voided.

It is quite clear that Doom is a long way from perfect. He displays obsessive thinking patterns, evidence of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and Intermittent Explosive Disorder. In the end, however, given the volatility of the client and his orientation towards past-especially long past, events-the therapist was able to, colloquially speaking, beg off rendering a diagnosis thus not violating the ethics of the profession and continuing to breath.

However, this therapist has been made aware of the fact that the client has apparently hired three new therapists, Doctors Jonathan Mayberry, Will Conrad, and Scot Eaton. They will be sitting down with Victor Von Doom on February 17 and March 17. Further details will be made available in the files marked DOOMWAR #1 and DOOMWAR #2.  

Tim Stevens is a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Consultant and Doctoral Intern at a college counseling center currently pursuing his Psy D.


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