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Archrivals: Adam Warlock vs The Magus

The enigmatic Adam Warlock faces his own worst enemy: himself

By Jim Beard

The Magus, a powerful persona of Adam Warlock's, continues to spread his evil across the universe in March 17's GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #24. Once a future version of the hero who attempted to lead his past self to the dark side, the Magus rises yet again to bring death and despair to Adam Warlock's life. Their struggle represents the truest form of man versus himself, a battle of souls across the eons.

It's a strange, strange story yet a fascinating one. Prepare yourself for an odyssey of cosmic proportions!


Appearing as an apparition of a giant, floating head, the Magus began his campaign against Adam Warlock. The evil figure sent his demon Inquisitors to kill a girl under the hero's protection and Warlock soon learned the terrible truth behind his enemy's existence. He vowed to vanquish the Magus once and for all.

WARLOCK #9 (1976)

After physically revealing himself to Adam Warlock and detailing his origins, the Magus entered into combat with the hero and his friends. The malevolent entity sought to attract the being known as the In-Betweener and sent countless legions of his Black Knights to keep Adam, Pip and Gamora occupied in the meantime. Then, the Magus killed the Matriarch, a woman destined to be an important figure in Adam's life.


The Magus activated the Infinity Gauntlet, an item of indescribable power, and held Warlock in submission. Even the mighty Thanos seemed to bow to the god-like being, but the Mad Titan managed to sneak attack the Magus which allowed Adam to grab the Gauntlet. Upon releasing a combined Eternity and Infinity, the hero sucked the confused and beaten Magus into his Soul Gem.


When the Goddess, another aspect of Adam Warlock's psyche, planned to destroy the galaxy, Thanos and Adam devised a plan to stop her. While the Silver Surfer and Avengers confronted the Goddess' forces, Adam plunged into his Soul Gem to hopefully gain an ally in the war: the Magus. Bad idea. The evil Magus then sought to inhabit his other self's form.


Reeling from the massive amount of energy he unleashed in the War of Kings, Adam began to take on increasingly alarming Magus-like traits. When the Magus' Universal Church of Truth rose once again, Warlock called upon their resources to repair the monstrous space rip called the Fault. This caused the Magus' future time to be reborn and Adam lost himself in his evil persona.


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Can't wait for Magus' return and the potential throw down with Thanos!