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Mythos: Spider-Man - A New Twist on an Old Tale

By Eric Drumm
It's a simple story of a nerdy kid getting bit by a radioactive spider and then fighting crime. It's been told many times over, first in AMAZING FANTASY #15, a different version in ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN and again in the 2002 SPIDER-MAN movie. No matter how you cut it, the tale of power and responsibility that Spidey spins is timeless. In MYTHOS: SPIDER-MAN, the classic origin is revisited once again. Written by Paul Jenkins with pencils by Paolo Rivera, this new take on the story gives a reimagining of how Spider-Man came into being. Using elements from all over Spidey's long history, the story is a fresh look at how Peter Parker became the Amazing Spider-Man. In MYTHOS, we'll see some of the characters that are just as important as the wall crawler himself. Friends like Mary Jane and Harry Osborn fill the halls at Midtown High and Aunt May and Uncle Ben offer their love and sage advice. Just as in the original telling, Uncle Ben regales to Peter the one principle that Peter would base his entire crime fighting life on--with great power comes great responsibility. In all versions of Spider-Man's genesis, this one piece of fatherly influence has been what makes Peter Parker a better man and a better hero. With some familiar elements and some you may not expect, MYTHOS will remind you of just who Peter Parker is, and why after 45 years we are still captivated by a web slinging hero who has just as many problems as we do. Relive the birth of a hero in MYTHOS: SPIDER-MAN by Paul Jenkins and Paolo Rivera, on sale June 20.
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