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Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?!

MSH: What The--?! Winter Games Day 10

No flying tomatoes to be found here, True Believers!

Sound the trumpets, Marvel faithful! It is time for the most epic series of athletic contests, the most anticipated event of the year, the most celebrated spectacle in all the Marvel Universe--the 2010 Marvel Winter Games!

With two weeks of solid Winter Games action on tap, the "Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?!" team will provide daily video and news updates about all your favorite events. From figure skating to ice hockey to cross-country skiing and more, M.O.D.O.K., Gremlin, She-Hulk and all the stars of "What The--?!" will be on-hand to deliver the hard-hitting Marvel Winter Games coverage you're looking for!

By Craig Tello

VANCOUVER—The proud (and widely unfamiliar) flag of Zenn-La waved high today at the 2010 Marvel Winter Games as its lustrous son, Norrin Radd, earned his planet’s first-ever earthly triumph of its kind. Irony beamed brilliantly as the Silver Surfer turned gold-winning snowboarder – and he was never even scheduled to compete!

Silver Surfer: Herald of the Halfpipe
Perfectly executed air-to-fakies and hixcy grabs were accented by a stalefish turned tindy, then finished with a 990-degree brodeo (a stunt not involving neither bulls nor gaggle of male friends). Moments after a halfpipe exposition that could appropriately be considered “out of this world,” the Sentinel of the Spaceways secured the top honors from the judges who hadn’t been blinded by the glare off Radd’s contorting, tucking torso.

“Listen, brah, I don’t know anything about pipes or whatever,” the Surfer said, suspiciously twitching with paranoia while explaining he would be communicating in the parlance of his fellow snowboarders to comfort them in his extraterrestrial presence. “I just swung by to jam on this hill for the coming of my man, G-Money. The big dude’s been looking for the, uh, right slopes ever since ski feeding, I mean, season started.”

Though vastly outshining the actual snowboarding competitors (in more ways than the obvious), Radd explained that his heraldry comes before sport. His intent was to find the steepest, most snow-packed mountain in the galaxy for the “vacationing” devourer of planets.

“Galactus also wanted to find the most tubular mountain with a real chill lodge,” Radd added. “Nothing makes G cozier than a big mug of hot chocolate. Big, big mug. Ever see a five-foot marshmallow? Chhha!”

Alas, the Surfer refused to accept the gold, citing his disinterest in such terrestrial treasures. Plus, the metal of his medal clashed with the sheen of his silvery, polished skin.

“I can’t wear that kinda swag, brohem!” the Surfer rattled. “What does this look like? The Jersey Shore?”

Stay tuned to Marvel.com and YouTube.com/Marvel throughout the Winter Games for regular updates brought to you like only "Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?!" can!

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