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Fantastic Four: Excavating the Inhumans

Marvel's First Family uncovers the secret history of the Inhumans in FANTASTIC FOUR #577

FANTASTIC FOUR #577 pencils by Dale Eaglesham
By Marc Strom

The Fantastic Four continue their exploration of the Marvel Universe's most exotic locales in "Prime Elements" as they uncover a new layer of the Inhumans' past in FANTASTIC FOUR #577 on March 31 from writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Dale Eaglesham.

Hickman explains that a number of factors combine to bring the Fantastic Four back to the Blue Area of the moon where the Inhumans' once resided.

"The remnants of what the Inhumans left behind when Black Bolt and the rest of the royal family left for Kree space and a mysterious city-ship that suddenly appears," teases the writer. "Oh, and a rocket."

Hickman's motivation for bringing the Inhumans' world back into FANTASTIC FOUR stems from his love of the book's history.

"I love all of the peripheral characters related to the book," he professes. "As I've said many, many times, the Fantastic Four have the best secondary roster in all of comics. I'd personally rank the Inhumans only behind Namor and Doom on my list though."

FANTASTIC FOUR #577 pencils by Dale Eaglesham
Instead of bringing the Royal Family in for a visit, however, Hickman will be exploring their history.

"That's kind of what I do," remarks the writer. "I find some interesting aspect of an existing character and put my personal spin on it. That's no different here."

As for what type of impact this issue will have on the Inhumans, Hickman would simply comment that it will mean "a lot" to the characters, urging readers to "keep reading" to find out more.

This story will also serve to plant seeds for future stories Hickman has planned.

"Well, the goal of each of these stories [in 'Prime Elements'] is to reintroduce certain characters to the book, and to do so in a manner that enriches their existing history and hopefully set us up to really knock it out of the park when they come back on stage some point in the future," he lays out.

FANTASTIC FOUR #577 pencils by Dale Eaglesham
The current arc shows a side of the Fantastic Four that many writers have returned to over the decades, playing the team as a group of archaeologists of the Marvel Universe's more spectacular locales.

"I do agree with this being a pre-existing role of the FF and something that we'll continue," promises Hickman.

And readers won't have much longer to wait for all of the "Prime Elements" to fall into place.

"One more issue to go and then it all gets pulled together. Stick around."


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      [color=seagreen] A chance for Shulkie would be nice (and we would still be seeing Ben at Avengers).[/color]


      This looks interesting, and I am happy for an overall application of richness to the Inhumans' world.I think your fish guy, Triton, still gets some backseat treatment even though he's been given missions and all that, Sentinelxy. They don't seem to have the impact of what Crystal and Gorgon get. Hopefully 'they' haven't abandoned their 'pledge' to giving him some limelight, forgotten how to, or believed his little water world mission was enough glory for him, 'cause his mission to the Fault for proof of 'Bolt's status wasn't all that riveting. I noticed Hickman's begun to drum up more of a worthwhile role for Sue (outside adventuring, playing to her being the business runner, an ambassador, and more) away from the constant talk of defining her outside of Reed and his negligence-the 'book club' feel she was starting to take on wasn't cutting it either-but now I'm concerned about Ben. It's so hard for Ben not to be a mere prop in many of these exploration based stories (not bringing as much of the funny these days either) that they may want to consider making him exclusive to the New Avengers for a while, and maybe let She-Hulk return to the FF pending the outcome of F.o.t.Hulks & W.W.Hulks. She can do with even more exposure while she builds back up momentum to carry her own series again.


      [color=seagreen] This is nice. Had the Inhumans still been living in the Moon, I would have expected them to forget their differences with the humans for a while and be present for Frank's birthday party.At least, Crystal and Luna should have been there. But I understand they are busier now.[/color]


      Hmm, how mysterious are the Inhumans? First we find out that they had a king that was no longer named in their history books...and now more mystery! :lol: