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Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited

Extra! Extra! Read All About Cap!

Captain America goes digital with a brand new newspaper strip by Karl Kesel

By TJ Dietsch

Everybody's favorite Nazi-punching, shield-slinging hero to millions, Captain America, has become the star of his own daily comic strip, thanks to writer and artist Karl Kesel-but not on the printed page.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE 1940'S NEWSPAPER STRIP takes a vintage look at Cap's early years via Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited; the new project kicked off on March 7, 2010, and will run through May 30.

"Storylines back then went on for many, many weeks, sometimes as long as an entire year," explains Kesel in regards to the nature of newspaper strips from days gone by. "Since we're modeling this strip on classics like 'Terry and the Pirates' and 'Dick Tracy,' we're following their lead. In fact, the three-month duration of the strip was chosen because that was a very typical length of a storyline back then, give or take a few weeks. That's one of the great things about those strips: storylines could be as long or as short as they needed to be!"

Art by Karl Kesel
Speaking of storylines, Kesel notes the focus of this strip will be Captain America's origin, starting off with Steve Rogers getting the super soldier serum and the death of his benefactor, Professor Erskine.

"There's a self-contained Sunday strip that tells Cap's Origin designed as an introductory piece that any newspaper of the time could run first to catch their readers up on who the newest addition to their comics page was," the writer/artist elaborates. "But after that we jump right into a rollicking adventure!"

Of course, you can't have a Captain America story set in World War II without including Cap's plucky, gun-sporting sidekick Bucky. Kesel also promises a few other familiar names and faces popping up throughout the series.

"There are two established Marvel Universe characters you play important roles: Betsy Ross, introduced way back in [1941's] CAPTAIN AMERICA #1, believe it or not, who's Cap's 'FBI Liaison' and another known figure whom I'm not going to say any more about," Kesel teases. "I also introduce one new character who's related to an established character in the Marvel Universe; I'll be interested to see if fans pick up on the connection."

Art by Karl Kesel
For Kesel, the project has been a dream come true, allowing him to play in the same sandbox as some of his cartooning heroes from days gone by.

"Milton Caniff, who did 'Terry and the Pirates' and 'Steve Canyon,' is my idol, and I've often wished I was born 50 years earlier so I could have been part of the newspaper adventure strip during its heyday, so this strip really is a dream-come-true for me," he says. "But after tackling this job, I don't know how they did it! The amount of work they had to produce day after day, every single day of the year is pretty stunning. I get tired just thinking about it! But you know what? It's also a total blast! And I'd do it again in a heartbeat!"

Be sure to check out CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE 1940'S NEWSPAPER STRIP right now on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited!


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[color=seagreen] Nice. Not being able to write "D¡ck Tracy" is weird, though... A necessity, I guess, but I wish systems were already smart enough to analyze text and know when something is not a curse word.[/color]


awesome!!!!!!!!! cap rocks!!!!!!!!!! :cap: