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Heroic Age

Moon Knight: New Moon Rising

Gregg Hurwitz discusses bringing the Heroic Age to VENGEANCE OF THE MOON KNIGHT

By Jim Beard

The oncoming Heroic Age shines its silvery light on the hero known as Moon Knight this June, leading him down a bold, new path. We checked in with VENGEANCE OF THE MOON KNIGHT scribe Gregg Hurwitz for a peek behind the veil of secrecy surrounding this shocking new era for the moon-eyed man of mystery.

"We've got some great stuff coming up," promises Hurwitz. "Moon Knight vs Deadpool. A Moon Knight power team-up with a cornerstone character from the Marvel Universe. And the return of Khonshu. This time, he's out for even more blood."

Moon Knight's psyche encompasses several personalities beyond his original, Marc Spector, but it's his Jake Lockley identity currently driving the bus. Hurwitz catches us up on the goings-on within the hero's head as the Heroic Age dawns:

"He feels like he's won a victory. Jake seems to be more stable than Marc, he's fought Khonshu to a draw. But for Moon Knight, peace is an illusion; there's always that monster knocking on the cellar door. He can crack into rage and vengeance at any time, so his struggle is holding together. But will he?"

The character's struggle with his inner turmoil and the outward challenges of his public perception continue in VENGEANCE OF THE MOON KNIGHT, so the question of Jake's outlook on the role of a hero will arise. What does the term mean to Moon Knight and how would he react to its application?

"He would sneer and fly off to knock the heads together of more bad guys," Hurwitz says. "He doesn't care so much about the title-it's just everyone else who can't stop talking about his new role in the Marvel Universe.  He sees himself as holding together right now and doing what's right. But he also knows what a challenge it will be to maintain his sanity."

VENGEANCE OF THE MOON KNIGHT #8 cover by Bryan Hitch
Fans of the series will find much to reward them for their continued support of the title, while new readers will find a complex world of heroes, monsters, criminals and innocents await them in its pages. Hurwitz relishes the heroic new future for VENGEANCE OF THE MOON KNIGHT yet must play it close to the vest for the moment.

"The tone will shift for a few episodes where I go old-school with some broad Marvel adventures and fun," he teases. "Then I'm gonna dial it back to dark and intense with another longer arc."


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Moon Knight vs. Deadpool is a great match-up. I know it is Moonie's book, but I hope DP takes the win. I'd also like to see Moonie as a secret avenger.


Man. I love the fact that Huriwtz is going to go with old-school team-ups but also continuing down the dark road. I'm just glad Moonie's got a book at all. Now where's that [i] Moon Knight[/i] emoticon...


[quote@GundamAce i hope they put moon knight in the lime light like they've done with deadpool. a moon knight, spiderman, luke cage, and ironfist team-up maybe just sayin.[/quote] i would LOVE to see that


I wonder if they'll ever reveal for sure that the Konshu he talks to is a/the real Konshu. Even if Moonknight himself never knows for sure he's not just hallucinating, maybe we can see Konshu get in a brawl with Thor or Herc (I would've suggested Ares, since they both seem to feed off carnage inducing followers, but alas...) or be side barred into a convo with Strange or Voodoo.


I've always loved Moon Knight and hopefully, he gets his due.


i hope they put moon knight in the lime light like they've done with deadpool. a moon knight, spiderman, luke cage, and ironfist team-up maybe just sayin.


This better be coming out in Premiere Hardcover I soo want to read this... And Moon Knight deserves no less.