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Hulk Returns to Earth with World War Hulk

Here's everything you need to know about World War Hulk

World War Hulk is upon us. The beginning to the sure-to-be-epic series, written by Greg Pak and penciled by John Romita Jr., hits stands on Wednesday June 13. So you can be sure we're not making it up, here's the Earth-Shattering Trailer for World War Hulk #1. Follow it up with this Marvel.com preview of World War Hulk #1. If you're on hand for Wizard World Philadelphia (June 15-17), head over to the Dave Cockrum Room (Room 103) from 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm on Saturday for the official World War Hulk panel. Joe Quesada, Nate Cosby, Frank Tieri, C.B. Cebulski and Jim McCann will be in attendance to showcase World War Hulk and answer all your questions! World War Hulk is so huge, even its prologue will not stop selling out. This article on World War Hulk Prologue: World Breaker has plenty of info on the one-shot and gives a taste of just how monstrous this series will be. But before World War Hulk, there was Planet Hulk. The juicy info about the upcoming release of the Planet Hulk hardcover trade paperback , a collection of all the awesome issues, is right here. And if you're the type of comic fan who loves their tie-ins, World War Hulk will have it in spades. World War Hulk: Front Line is a six-issue tie-in series that's sure to have some major ramifications in the world of the green one. Also, the X-Men tie in will be absolutely explosive. Professor X and his friends in the Illuminati made a big mistake shooting the Hulk into space. Hulk's gonna make the Professor pay in World War Hulk: X-Men. But Hulk still has a few friends left. Will any of them answer the call? See how things are shaping up on Earth in this preview for Incredible Hulk #108. This issue gives some awesome details about Hulk's best friend on Earth, Rick Jones and Miek the Unhived, Hulk's first ally from the Planet Hulk series and just how they plan to help their giant green buddy. If all this is news to you, and if you're not quite up to speed on your World War Hulk, don't be embarassed. But do yourself a favor and give this WWH checklist a look. It's got everything that's out there so far. Stay with the pack. And now that you've got all the information, you can spread the word! Stop putting off adding that much-needed spice to your blog, website or message board. Do it in style with these World War Hulk Banners. Not content to share with the rest of the world? We understand. And Hulk does too. So for your own personal viewing pleasure, we have this World War Hulk Cover Gallery. It's chock full of Hulky goodness. So the time is now, friends. And now is the time. World War Hulk is here and the Marvel universe will never be the same. Keep checking back right here at Marvel.com for all the updates on this monumental series. %%%video%%%
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