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Unlimited Highlights

Unlimited Highlights: Rick Jones

We spotlight the life and times of the ultimate heroic sidekick, Rick Jones!

By Ben Chabala

Every week we'll pick a handful of awesome comics from the thousands available through Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. From creator spotlights to editor's picks and more, this'll be your spot to find something new and cool.

This week, because Rick Jones gets the spotlight in FALL OF HULKS: RED HULK #3, we've decided to catch you up on five of his most epic adventures. He's led an interesting life, to say the least: A sidekick to the Hulk, Captain America and Captain Marvel, Jones even hit the top of the billboard charts as a rockstar! Now he's a massive, scaly abomination that can go toe-to-toe with the Hulk. Watch out folks, here comes A-Bomb!

The day Dr. Bruce Banner first transformed in the unstoppable force of nature the world knows as the Incredible Hulk started like any normal day for the good doctor: coffee in the mess hall, some flirting with Betty Ross, going over incredibly complex Gamma Bomb equations in his head before launch. Everything appeared normal; the bomb seemed set to blow without a hitch, but then Rick Jones changed everything. The brash young teenager had snuck out onto the Gamma Bomb’s testing range on a bet, not realizing the danger. When Bruce ran onto the field to save the young man’s life, the experimental explosive detonated. That fateful day the Hulk was born and the world would never be the same.

In the barren blackness of the Negative Zone, the Kree warrior Captain Mar-Vell floats silently through the void, his consciousness frantically searching for any and all means of escape. He finds his savior in Rick Jones, former sidekick to both Captain America and the Hulk. Rick, unknowingly guided by the Kree’s Supreme Intelligence, follows a ghostly image of Captain America to a cave in the wilderness, which happens to be an abandoned Kree supply depot. There in that veritable cave of wonders the now fading Cap points to a harmless pair of bracelets. When Rick dons the otherworldly artifacts, he becomes connected to Captain Mar-Vell. Upon striking them together, the Kree warrior switches places with the young hero. Now comes a whole new chapter in Rick and the good Captain’s lives, and trust us, it’s worth a read!


After taking a dip in the deep cleansing nutrient bath that re-fused the Incredible Hulk with Bruce Banner, Rick Jones changes into his very own gamma-irradiated unstoppable monster and goes on his first desert smash-fest! Elsewhere, a de-powered Sam Sterns, formerly knows as the villainous Leader, manipulates the Grey Hulk into helping him transform back into his hyper-intelligent state. There's only one problem, they need the rampaging Rick Jones to do it. Maybe, just maybe, if Rick escapes the Hulk Buster robots, the military and Doc Samson he might be able to help the two unlikely allies.


In a different time, on an alien planet, in a galaxy far far away, a peaceful people find themselves face to face with a merciless army that looks remarkably similar to the original members of the Avengers. Hammer Troopers smash what little resistance the aliens have to offer, while Repulsor Troopers provide air support--blasting buildings to rubble in the onslaught. The Shieldsmen clean up on the ground while the Micro Swarm makes sure no one escapes, and a man known as Jonz Rickard coordinates the chaos. What does this terrible interstellar destruction have to do with Earth's Rick Jones? And what do the Kree Supreme Intelligence, Immortus and Kang want with the ultimate heroes sidekick? Find out in this epic series!

HULK #3 (2008)
It’s a knock-down, drag-out slugfest as the Red Hulk takes on A-Bomb in a battle of epic proportions. The claws come out and the fists fly as the gamma-irradiated strongmen duke it out underneath the hot desert sky. But they won't just be fighting each other, oh no. Gamma Base boasts a very sophisticated security system as Red Hulk and A-Bomb soon find out. While the two titans trade earth-shattering blows, the very sun-baked ground beneath them begins to crack. And that's not a good thing considering that Bruce Banner, aka the Incredible Hulk, sits locked in an escape-proof cell underneath the dueling monsters. Will the Red Hulk triumph? Will A-Bomb emerge the victor? Will a certain green goliath make a surprise appearance? Read on!


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