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Marvel Reading Circle

Watch Marvel Reading Circle: GIRL COMICS #1

Marvel Comics editors gather to read and discuss comics: GIRL COMICS #1 this time!

In the Marvel Reading Circle, Marvel Comics editors gather to read and discuss recent comics--dissecting, analyzing and pontificating on what they liked about the issue. These sessions, led by Executive Editor/Vice President Tom Brevoort, happen every week and we're now taking you behind the scenes for a rare peek inside the House of Ideas.

In the second episode of our new video series, the Marvel Reading Circle tackles GIRL COMICS #1.


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weirmonken member

Better webisode this time, to be certain, and I appreciate you responding to feedback by showing a variety of opinions on the subject at hand.However, I wonder if the actual discussions are as stilted as they appear to be during the webisode, where people's opinions are restricted to one to two sentences apiece. I'm not sure if this is a question of editing, where a whole lunch hour is reduced to three minutes due to production restrictions, or if people just feel uncomfortable openly engaging in criticism in front of a camera. I suspect it is a mixture of both.While a larger amount of content is probably restricted, bandwith-wise, I'd enjoy these more (I suspect) if they included the majority of the actual lunch hour, rather than just a short clip.Also, I noticed that there seemed to be only a small amount of actual analysis of page breakdowns, story construction, etc. Is this missing from the meetings? If not, then I'd love to see more of the editors getting down to the "nitty gritty details".I look forward to these webcasts because I think they have tremendous potential, and I appreciate what you've done so far.