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Unlimited Highlights: Road to Second Coming

Think you're ready for the return of Cable and Hope? If not, we've got everything you need to read right here



By Ben Chabala

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With X-MEN: SECOND COMING #1 hitting shelves this week, we thought we'd dust the cobwebs off some sensational comics that mark the major moments leading up to the return of Cable and Hope. This event may very well define the future of the entire mutant race, so don't miss a thing!


X-MEN #207
Madness engulfs the earth’s mightiest mutants as their battle with the Marauders, the rampaging Predator X, and the Purifiers reaches a fever pitch and the fate of the last mutant child hangs in the balance! While adamantium claws slice and energy blasts scorch the air, Cable sticks to his solemn and dangerous duty of keeping the infant safe. But that’s one tall order considering the number of enemies on the field and the fact that he can’t even trust his own teammates! It all comes down to this: Cable and the X-Men vs everyone else and the victor will decide the fate of the entire mutant race in the explosive conclusion to "Messiah CompleX"!

CABLE# 1 (2008)
After escaping the past with the first mutant child born since M-Day, Cable finds himself in unfamiliar territory. Oh, he can handle the death-defying leaps through time and the murdering denizens of the future with one hand behind his back.But changing a crying baby's dirty diapers? That remains something Nathan Christopher Summers, warrior of a thousand battles, still fears. Does he have what it takes to be Hope’s nanny in this brave new future? And what dangers will the duo face before they can return to the past?

X-FORCE #2 (2008)
With the remaining mutant population hanging just below a meager 200, Cyclops knew something had to be done to protect the survivors. So he went ahead and formed a covert strike force consisting of the most violent, feral, and fearsome mutants he could find. Now, under the leadership of Wolverine, X-23, Warpath, and Wolfsbane fill the roster of X-Force and deal with threats the old fashioned way: permanently. Now they’re hunting the Purifiers, but with such a new team mistakes happen, and the bad guys have taken Wolfsbane hostage. Can a team so good at taking lives stand any chance saving one of their own?

CABLE #6 (2008)
Cable and Hope keep running through Cyclops’ nightmares, and now Emma Frost can’t get any sleep. After the battle with the Marauders, Predator X, and Bishop, Scott Summers let his son jump into the timestream with a  baby strapped to his chest and he still doesn’t know if he made the right decision. Now the fate of mutantkind rests in the far-flung future, and the stalwart leader of the Uncanny X-Men can’t help but feel…well, helpless. Is there anything Cyclops can do to keep Hope alive?

Recovering from the bullet wounds he suffered at the hands of Bishop, Professor Xavier has returned better than ever. One of his first tasks: help Rogue learn to control her powers. Surprisingly, Danger gives him a clue as to the cause of the Southern belle's unpredictable abilities and the two form an uneasy alliance in hopes of unlocking Rogue's full potential. Will the Professor exorcise her demons? Will Rogue finally be able to touch the people she loves? Rogue and Gambit fans, this is an issue you won’t want to miss!


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