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Civil War

CIVIL WAR Artist Steve Micniven Gives Us a Look into His Sketchbook

By Jason Juniewicz Wizard World Philadelphia was a huge smash, with people coming from all over the country to meet their favorite creators. Luckily we managed to pull CIVIL WAR artist Steve McNiven away from the droves of fans seeking to make some of his eye-popping art their own. We sat down with Steve for a short interview and he gave us some insight into his creative process when drawing a book as immense as CIVIL WAR. "I work out the problems and get the arrangements and stuff like that, and then lightbox [them] onto the final page so I can get the page clean so I'm not doing erasing and stuff like that," said McNiven. "I can also tilt cameras and things like that. The storytelling aspect of it takes the most amount of time. The actual drawing [is] about 50 percent figuring out how to draw it and 50 percent drawing it." Digging through two binders of CIVIL WAR concept and preliminary art, we picked 59 of the best pieces to display at Marvel.com. Like what you see here? All of these pieces are for sale, so either catch Steve McNiven at a convention or stop over to theartistschoice.com and make some of this gorgeous art your own. [By the by, the original pages are crisp and clean. Shadows and colors may be a little off in our photos due to lighting. -Ed.]

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