Marvel Previews For September 2007



Look ahead to fall with previews of all the Marvel titles shipping September 2007. Check out some of the highlights below! - The Hulk continues his war against the Marvel Universe as World War Hulk rages on in WORLD WAR HULK, INCREDIBLE HULK, WWH: FRONTLINE and WWH: GAMMA CORPS. - What would you do if you only had "One More Day"? See how Peter deals with the fact he may lose the one person he has always been able to count on in the pages of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN. - The Shi'ar's new Emperor, Vulcan, squares off against Havok, the new leader of the Starjammers in X-MEN: EMPEROR VULCAN. It's brother vs. brother, but which one of them is right? - Beast continues his quest to discover the future of the mutant race as ENDANGERED SPECIES continues to span the X-Books in UNCANNY X-MEN, X-FACTOR, NEW X-MEN and X-MEN. - Explore the darkest depths of the Marvel Universe and beyond in MARVEL ZOMBIES: THE BOOK OF ANGELS, DEMONS & VARIOUS MONSTROSITIES. Also check out how Dynamite Entertainment's Ash fares against the Marvel Zombies in the MARVEL ZOMBIES/ARMY OF DARKNESS HC. - Spider-Girl must destroy someone she truly loves in order to stop the maniacal Carnage in this month's AMAZING SPIDER-GIRL. - See the last days of Captain America in the first two issues of the new Marvel Knights limited series CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE CHOSEN. - See what the Avengers are up to this month in AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE and NEW AVENGERS, go retro with AVENGERS CLASSIC or see Cap and the gang team up with Optimus Prime and his crew in NEW AVENGERS/TRANSFORMERS. - ANNIHILATION: CONQUEST continues in the pages of NOVA as we find out what the return of Gamora means for Richard Rider. The cosmic crossover continues in ANNIHILATION: CONQUEST – QUASAR, ANNIHILATION: CONQUEST – STAR-LORD and ANNIHILATION: CONQUEST – WRAITH. - Check out four, count 'em, four brand new stories in the debut issue of MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS. Why is Spider-Man needed in space? Who is Damian Cross and why will his murder shake the Marvel Universe? Find out the answers the these questions and more right here. Check out the September Catalog now to see what else your favorite creators and characters are up to! HASBRO and its logo, TRANSFORMERS, and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission. Copyright 2007 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.

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