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C2E2 2010

C2E2 2010: Thor: The Mighty Avenger

Roger Langridge and Chris Samnee provide a new and iconic take on the God of Thunder

By Marc Strom

The God of Thunder will soon strike twice a month as writer Roger Langridge and artist Chris Samnee bring their own monthly take on the hero in THOR: THE MIGHTY AVENGER beginning in July.

The series, which will present an all-new, timeless spin on the classic character, will have a largely "positive, upbeat, and fun" tone, according to Langridge.

"There's a streak of hope a mile wide in the whole concept of super

THOR: THE MIGHTY AVENGER sketches by Chris Samnee
heroes that hasn't been exploited much in recent years, doubly so in a comic where one of the central icons is a rainbow," he continues. "So, yes, I'm all about the hope."

That doesn't mean that things will always go cheerily for Marvel's favorite Asgardian, however.

"I'm hoping to strike a balance between the extraordinary and the human, between light-hearted and dramatic, which seems to me to be fundamental to the Marvel approach going right back to Stan Lee," suggests Langridge.

As for the series' structure, the writer explains that "there's an overarching subplot that will carry us through most of the first year, but we won't be banging you over the head with it. Most issues will also work as stand-alone episodes, punctuated by the occasional two-parter. But when they're all put together, you should be able to get that little bit more out of reading it as a whole."

Langridge plans on throwing every type of threat imaginable at Thor so that he doesn't become too docile.

"There'll be some subtle reinterpretations of old villains, both Asgardian and earthly, and some new threats as well," promises the writer "I feel no super hero comic is ever really complete without some evil robots. And, of course, the inevitable misunderstandings with some of Marvel's other heroes! We're kicking things off with Mister Hyde, who's been given a

THOR: THE MIGHTY AVENGER sketches by Chris Samnee
makeover by the extraordinary Chris Samnee that will make you feel like you need a thorough scrubbing from head to foot."

Fans can also expect to see some classic characters from Thor's supporting cast featured in these new adventures.

"First and foremost is Jane Foster, who will be the most important person in Thor's life," says Langridge. "She'll be helping him navigate the strange, unknown culture that is Earth. Jane, in turn, is at a point in her life where this big, charismatic stranger is just what she needs. So that relationship is central to the book. We'll also be having characters from Asgard popping up throughout the first year. Expect to see the Warriors Three, Loki, Heimdall, Sif, Balder and Odin-you know, the usual suspects!"

The series will also feature other characters from the larger Marvel Universe "with great regularity" Langridge guarantees.

"Between the characters [editor] Nate Cosby wanted me to use, the ones I wanted to play with and the ones Chris was keen to draw, I think we've got guest appearances by other Marvel characters in most issues," he says. "Certainly, all of the original Avengers line-up will be making an appearance at some point. But we're not stopping there!"

THOR: THE MIGHTY AVENGER sketches by Chris Samnee
Langridge also feels his artistic collaborator will leave quite an impression on readers.

"I will just say that I think artist Chris Samnee is our secret weapon. His design sense, rock-solid storytelling and superb character acting will knock your socks off. That's certainly what it did for me-I haven't seen my socks in weeks."

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