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C2E2 2010

C2E2 2010: Avengers & The Infinity Gauntlet

Brian Clevinger and Brian Churilla prepare to throw down the gauntlet with a new take on the cosmic classic

By TJ Dietsch

Prepare for a return to one of Marvel's most epic space adventure in August when writer Brian Clevinger kicks off AVENGERS & THE INFINITY GAUNTLET with artist Brian Churilla, a fresh take on the classic 1991 limited series by Jim Starlin with art by George Perez and Ron Lim.

"We basically took THE INFINITY GAUNTLET and boiled it down to its core components," Clevinger explains. "You've got Thanos, he's got way more power than a mortal should, he's going to reshape the galaxy for his own twisted desires, and he won't care how many lives are ruined or extinguished in the process. Now, the way all this actually goes down is so far removed from the original Infinity Gauntlet continuity that is almost seems crazy to let the two stories share titles."

With so much trouble in the universe and half its population vanishing out

of existence thanks to Thanos-a favorite moment of Clevinger's from the original story-the Avengers in this book might not exactly be the ones you'd expect.

"They aren't necessarily the Avengers as you might think of them," notes the writer. "In fact, Earth's heroes don't even know Thanos is a threat until he's wiped out the 'real' Avengers. But being an Avenger isn't a matter of being on [the] roster, it's about doing what's got to be done to save lives and to stop evil. To that end we have motley crew of Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel, Hulk, Wolverine, U.S. Ace, and Doctor Doom. Hey, it's in his best interests to make sure the Earth is safe. There's no point in conquering a cinder!"

Fans of the original INFINITY GAUNTLET should not worry that this new four-issue limited series will step on the toes of their beloved tale. In fact, Clevinger had similar concerns"

AVENGERS & THE INFINITY GAUNTLET #1 cover by Humberto Ramos
"[Editor] Nate Cosby made it clear that he wanted this to be my take on the story of what Thanos does with the Infinity Gauntlet and how he's stopped by the Avengers. He insisted that I shouldn't feel restrained to retell the original story. That took a tremendous amount of pressure off me. So, instead of a challenging task, it merely became an incredibly daunting one. I mean, the original is a classic story in Marvel history. How could I possibly compete with that? My hope is that having Doom in my corner will help out! You can never have enough Doctor Doom."

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Disappointed to see this. The Infinity Saga was (and still is) one of my favourite storyline from the MU. Better be good Marvel as you're already losing more of my money as I keep dropping titles


the Avengers stop Thanos? I don't think editing stories (especially old ones, like the new Spiderman and Secret Wars) should be done except only if it reveals something that was originally planned but never made it in the final version. I really like the Infinity Gauntlet, but I have my doubts on this.


[quote@silentprocess This isn't a What If? or Elseworld tale... This is supposedly a more detailed account of what happened in regards to the Avengers during this time period. At least that's what I gathered from the article.[/quote] I read and reread the article and it seems like its part of the regular story but this divergent universe (happenings) comes from a specific moment where things go weird for our heros in the original miniseries, so it's somewhat grounded but more like a "What If". When I've got time I'll have to go back and reread the original series. I like all the Avengers stuff but I'm afraid this series will be forgotten like Avengers/Invaders was because there is too much else going on in the main books. Regardless, it'll probably be a great read.Van Dyne for Valkyrie and Foster for Frost Giant in 2010!


This isn't a What If? or Elseworld tale... This is supposedly a more detailed account of what happened in regards to the Avengers during this time period. At least that's what I gathered from the article.


Why in the world are they doing a retelling of this story? I really think Marvel is trying too hard to compete with DC for how many universes they can have. They just need to come up with original stories to tell. I am sure there are a lot of stories to be told involving these characters we can hear. On a side note: Marvel needs to put Spider-man back to his original self (before Brand New Day).


oy veh. This is insane. I hope tht so many people dnt but the first issue so they just cancel it.Spider man + wolvie = THERE IN EVERYTHING!!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!!Hulk + Ms Marvel = ok.Dr Doom = WTF??!!!


Marvel seems to be doing a fair few of these retellings of old stories recently and I'm not sure why to be honest.Sure in this case they are giving a lot of leeway to the creative team to tell the story they want but why tie them to past events at all?Why not put this under the What If? banner and really let the team go to town.


these non continuity MU stuff is a waste,it's a waste because if it's not in the MU PROPER THEN WHO GIVES A **** RIGHT?