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C2E2 2010

C2E2 2010: Wolverine

Jason Aaron and Renato Guedes launch a new WOLVERINE ongoing series this September

By Kevin Mahadeo

The busiest X-Man of all enters the Heroic Age this fall with a brand new WOLVERINE ongoing series courtesy of writer Jason Aaron and artist Renato Guedes as well as cover artist Jae Lee.

"Some of the stuff that I've introduced in [WOLVERINE: WEAPON X] will be carrying on," says Aaron. "Wolverine will have the same girlfriend. Some of the villains I've introduced in WEAPON X will be popping up again down the road. But this is still very much a new beginning and the biggest Wolverine story I've done, without a doubt."

The title of the first arc says it all: "Wolverine Goes to Hell." Aaron assures readers that there's no metaphor or hyperbole involved. The first issue starts off with Wolverine's soul already trapped in Hell. Meanwhile, demons on Earth inhabit the clawed Canuck's body, causing havoc and mayhem for Logan's friends and associates. As to why send the popular mutant to the underworld, Aaron simply admits it's something he always wanted to do.

"It's a story that I've had for a while and it was just a matter of finding the right place for it," Aaron explains. "On paper might not sound like a Heroic Age story. The Heroic Age is supposed to be about Norman Osborn being gone, the bad guys being defeated, the good guys are back in power and blue skies and happy days are here again. Obviously, Wolverine going to Hell doesn't seem to fit with that, but it actually very much is a Heroic Age story. When you read this first issue, you'll see where Wolverine is at, where his head is at in the midst of this Heroic Age, and it's something that I've been building to with a lot of the Wolverine stuff that I've done.

"We've been showing Wolverine's sense of hope and faith developing overtime. And with that, for a man like Logan, is going to come a trial or a test. With this story we basically say that the Devil doesn't want a man like Logan to ever change. He liked him the way he was. So, with that comes

WOLVERINE #1 cover by Jae Lee
the biggest trial Logan has ever faced, something that's going to torture [him] in a lot of different ways, as well as [test] that sense of hope that he has developed."

Aaron says he spent a lot of time figuring out how exactly he wanted to portray Hell, a process abetted by new-to-Marvel artist, the popular Guedes. The writer wanted to make sure that he gave Hell a real sense of geography and compares the domain of the damned to an extremely overcrowded prison. Logan faces quite a few problems in the underworld considering the sheer amount of contributions he's made to the population over the years, however, not all of Hell's angels will be out to claim of piece of Wolverine. Between the good and bad, Aaron says to expect quite a few cameos in the opening arc.

"And I think some surprises," he teases. "Some folks popping up that fans won't be expecting to see."

"I'll continue to introduce new villains and new characters, but at the same time, it's a bigger stage, so we'll see some old favorites returning to the book as well," continues Aaron on the book's mission statement. "The first arc has six-page back-up stories that really focus on friends and associates from Wolverine's life, some that we haven't seen in a while, some brand new that will be introduced for the first time. So, with those I'm showing how this group that's coming after Logan, this group that's responsible for putting him in Hell and doing all this to him, are not just coming after him. They're coming after people close to him. Also, I'm setting up the next huge stories we'll see beyond 'Wolverine Goes to Hell.' If you look at those backup stories, you'll get different teases of what's to come.

"I think what I've always tried to do with my Wolverine stuff [is] if you see one story that's a gritty, action-driven character story, the next arc will fly off in a completely different direction and of a completely different genre. We'll continue to see that from story-to-story in WOLVERINE."


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anyone else notice the avengers belt sweet!!!!! :grin:


where does this title fit in? Is Marvel canceling a Wolverine title?It's been a little overboard on Wolvie coverage for quite some time, but the books he's associated with are adding up:Wolverine: OriginsWolverine: Weapon XDark WolverineX-23 (I'm assuming he'll be making some appearances)Uncanny X-MenAstonishing X-MenX-MenAvengersX-ForceAm I missing any? I assumed he'd be in Secret Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., and Thunderbolts, too.


I'll most likely be picking this up.. I think I'm ready to learn more about what's going on in Wolverines world.


And what will happen to Wolverine Weapon X series? Is it replaced by this new ongoing, or Aaron will be writing both series?


Well doesn't this sound like a fun time :P