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C2E2 2010

C2E2 2010: Daken: Dark Wolverine

Wolverine's wayward son continues his wicked ways in a new series

By Tim Stevens

Wolverine's progeny takes another step towards escaping his father's shadow this September in DAKEN: DARK WOLVERINE #1, bringing writers Marjorie Liu and Daniel Way as well as artist Giuseppe Camuncoli with him.

A new title might mean new twists, but Daken will not be a kinder, gentler anti-hero.

"Daken, for the most part, is fixated on himself," says Way. No changes in his personality, but definitely a change in status. Things really go sideways for him during the 'Reckoning' crossover with [DARK WOLVERINE and WOLVERINE: ORIGINS]."

For the creative team, preserving that persona represents a key part of what draws them to the character.

"It's cheesy to say, but Daken is one of those characters that you love to hate," editor Jeanine Schaefer admits. "And one of those characters,

DAKEN: DARK WOLVERINE art by Giuseppe Camuncoli
maybe, that you read half-waiting for the other shoe to drop-there must be some humanity in him, there must be a redemption coming.  And that's the ride; will that redemptive moment ever come? Do I love him or do I hate him? You can't help but to keep reading!"

For Way, on the other hand, the versatility offered by Daken keeps him committed to chronicling his creation's various misdeeds.

"Writing a character with no moral center makes it possible to tell really any kind of story, and to take that story in almost any direction," the writer notes. "Plus, he's just so damned mean."

The potential represented by Daken's volatility inspires artist Camuncoli.

"Since Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu started shining major light on Daken's psyche and personality, readers [have gotten] to learn a lot of things [about] him, and [have gotten] a few surprises along the way," he explains. "Aside from the fact that the dude is a badass, it's his

DAKEN: DARK WOLVERINE art by Giuseppe Camuncoli
unpredictability that excites me, and makes for endless possibilities and scenarios."

Camuncoli will continue to employ the same approach to Daken and his world that he has been honing on DARK WOLVERINE, while always looking to keep on refining that feel.

"My approach will definitely resonate with what Daken will have to go through during the first issues of his new book," the artist says. "[The artistic team] will probably keep on the same pace as before, since that really worked and definitely suited Daken the most. Dark and twisted-and dangerous."

So where will Daken go and who will he meet in these new adventures? Only time and his writers will tell, but they're not feeling too forthcoming quite yet.

"Not to sound dirty or anything, but Daken gets around," Way teases. "Who might he encounter? Anyone and everyone in the Marvel Universe."


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Agreed, this looks awesome. September is my birthday month and Marvel is providing me with a Daken title all his own!!


Awesome as daken is the best thing happening for me in comics & this is a must read for me .


with everything starting out at issue one again, I might jump on this, the Wolverine title and X-Men. This is very exciting! :)I hope this book will fill me in on what has happened with Daken since I haven't been getting any Wolverine titles.


Daken is one of my favorite characters in the MU currently. I will read this.