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C2E2 2010

C2E2 2010: X-23

The X-Force member goes solo this fall with her own series written by Marjorie Liu

By Tim Stevens

Beginning this September, Wolverine's clone stands on her own in a new X-23 ongoing series from writer Marjorie Liu.

Reteaming young Laura Kinney with the writer of March's X-23 one-shot came as an easy choice for editor Jeanine Schaefer.

"There's a kind of hard-edged vulnerability to a lot of Marjorie's writing," Schaefer contends. "That and her obvious love of [X-23] made me so excited to see what she could do with an ongoing."

Liu similarly could not wait to chronicle more of Laura's adventures.

"As a writer, I can't ask for a better character," she says. "She's got incredible depth, complexity-she's had terrible things happen to her, but despite that, she's retained her compassion and dignity-balanced with stunning ruthlessness. The great thing is that in writing this ongoing, I can take X-23 on a journey that will, hopefully, advance and develop her character into something rich and interesting."

The book spins out of the events in the new WOLVERINE #1 and explores what happens to X-23 when fate calls upon her to fight for arguably the most important man in her life.

"She just wants to help [Wolverine]," Liu reveals. "He's the closest thing she has to a father, and that's a relationship she'll do just about anything to protect. Laura won't be radically changed from the girl you see in the one-shot, but she'll have new purpose, that's for sure."

While the book spotlights her solo adventures, stepping into Wolverine's choices cannot be a small order and X-23 responds by reaching out to some of the most prominent mutants of the Marvel Universe for guidance.

"I'll be using some former X-Men," Liu promises. "I don't want to mention any names quite yet, but they'll be men and women who become reluctant mentors to Laura.  I'm excited about all of them."


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I'll be picking this up in trade for sure! I love X-23! :)


This is amazing! Marjorie Liu + X-23 = WIN! That one-shot was the best one-shot I've ever read,(At least in recent memory) I will definitely be picking this up!