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C2E2 2010

C2E2: Shadowland

Daredevil's takeover of the Hand comes to a violent head this summer in the Shadowland event

By Tim Stevens

Hell's Kitchen becomes the epicenter of conflict this July as the street-level heroes of the Marvel Universe begin to question Matt Murdock's role as leader of the Hand in SHADOWLAND #1, the first issue of a limited series by writer Andy Diggle and artist Billy Tan unfolding concurrently with the events of DAREDEVIL #507-511.

Given the title, it comes as no surprise that the story centers around Shadowland, a prison/temple constructed on the ruins of a Hell's Kitchen building destroyed-along with numerous lives-by Bullseye during Dark Reign. While construction had only just begun when Daredevil recently departed for Japan, it will be completed and in full use by the start of the event.

"We'll see this play out a bit in the books, but the actual building

SHADOWLAND #1 cover by John Cassaday
happened very quickly," editor Stephen Wacker reveals. "The area has become a protectorate of the Hand as Matt is trying to mold this international organization of assassins and criminals into a force for justice. And so far it's working; the streets of the Kitchen are safe for the people to walk through. Crime has all but disappeared."

At first, this seems to be enough for Daredevil's allies like Spider-Man, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Elektra, Wolverine and Captain America, as well as wildcards like Moon Knight and The Punisher.

"The heroes for the most part trust Matt and want to believe in him," Wacker explains. "He sort of brings that out in people, particularly given the fires he faced over the past few years. If anyone has the intestinal wherewithal to bend a criminal organization into something respectable, it's Matt Murdock.. [And] certainly at first it all seems to be working out. Given the new coming Heroic Age, a sense of optimism fills the air like a pine-scented car freshener."

This sense of hope, however, proves short-lived when Murdock returns from Japan a changed man.

"His trip has shown him some truths about the enemies that are in his midst, but Matt tends to work best when people underestimate him," Wacker asserts. "He's definitely and definitively ready for the challenges in front of him."

Readers should be prepared to see Daredevil cross lines, some he never has before, to protect his mission from all internal and external opposition.

"SHADOWLAND #1 comes out and there's no going back from happens there," Wacker cryptically promises.

Whatever may happen, it envelops the consciousness of the super hero community of New York City in short order and the Man without Fear will find himself with some unexpected enemies and allies, many of whom may switch sides before the event concludes with a climax that promises to change how the Marvel Universe-and Matt Murdock himself-see Daredevil for some time to come.


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It sounds fantastic and the exact team up that would keep my interest.


I agree that a street level saga is a great idea. we have all had our fills of "epic", world shaking, cosmic events in comics of late. So going with the "street" side is a nice idea. A few things i noticed: punisher is not "frank'en" in the art. Does that mean he will return to normal soon? i am aware he is regular in the max comic, but that is not standard continuity. Ghost rider is depicted, is this due to the magical nature of the hand? In the last several things I've seen him in i would hardly call him "street" less its the mean streets of hell... he seems to out class the ninja just a little too much. i would say the same of wolverine. He rips though ninjas like paper most of the time. How are they going to stand up to him now that he's at his peek with his preparations for Romulus. bullseye, is also there. That means he survives the whole fall of Asgard "thing". While i like the character, i was kind of hoping sentry would through him into the sun for killing his wife. I'm surprised but happy to see Electra in the preview art. I would like to see how she reacts to Matt being in charge of the Hand, an organization she lead, and lost. Could stand to see some clock and dagger in this as well. They left the x-men too quickly for my taste, and are in serious need of exposure before their new ongoing can really take off with the next gen readers who have not seen the Cloak and Dagger series of the 80's. I could also do with some villains being on the wrong side of the hand. its really unfortunate that sandman has been returned to complete villain status. i liked him as a hero, and silver sable sort of needs his skill as back up power if you want ot use her, and i think i see her in the back next to dead (again, man he just can catch a break any more) frank. Look forward to seee ing how you plan this out.


i see they worked ghostrider into the second pic, i guess he's like a street-level thor for their team.


Daredevil actually got a lot more interesting now that he's leading a bunch of ninjas


This is going to be awesome! I've been waiting for this.


with one of my favorite marvel characters daredevil :devil:


i totaley agree with the whole street level hero thing and im hopeing hood playhs a big if minor role to all this and finaley it gives me a excuse to get into dd


Finally! A Marvel event that actually includes characters like Daredevil and Moon Knight. I've been waiting ever since Moon Knight's paltry existence in the Initiative, cool though it was, for these street level guys to be included in an event. I understand the reasoning that creators just don't want to throw in characters haphazardly into events but I could never understand why Daredevil and Moon Knight were left out of Secret Invasion. I mean I know i saw them in some of the big fight scenes, but something significant had to have happened to them during the Invasion that was worth telling. But Sweet! I've been digging the Daredevil books for a while now and think this is going to be pretty cool. It sounds like the first ever street level hero event. I mean, Thor is cool but if he's brought into this he could just fry the whole Hand with lightning or something. It's going to be awesome to see some street level brawling in an event format. Awesome news Marvel. Thanks for making my day!