Marvel Goes Back to Press on World War Hulk Titles



Marvel Comics has announced new printings of some of its hottest WORLD WAR HULK titles, with THE INCREDIBLE HULK #106 3rd Printing & #107 2nd Printing Gary Frank Variant, GHOST RIDER #12 2nd Printing Javier Saltares Variant, HEROES FOR HIRE #11 2nd Printing Variant and IRON MAN #19 2nd Printing Variant now available for order! Offered for the first time, these second and third printings have not appeared previously in Previews or Previews Plus. Carrying a Final Order Cut-Off (FOC) date of Thursday, July 5, the 32-page, full-color issues are slated to ship July 25. Details are as follows: THE INCREDIBLE HULK #106 3rd Printing: The variant is written by Greg Pak with interior art and a cover by Gary Frank and leads into the summer's smash hit crossover. In part one of "Warbound," brilliant young Amadeus Cho takes on Doc Samson and She-Hulk in The Hulk's defense, resulting in an apocalyptic throw-down in the forests of New Jersey. (MAY078226D)
THE INCREDIBLE HULK #107 2nd Printing Gary Frank Variant: Pak and Frank return for this new printing which features a variant cover by Frank. Inside, Amadeus Cho, the boy genius who took on Reed Richards in The Incredible Hulk #100, prepares for the return of his idol by building a team of heroes willing to side with him against the rest of the Marvel Universe. (MAY078137D)
GHOST RIDER #12 2nd Printing Javier Saltares Variant: In part one of "Apocalypse Soon," writer Daniel Way and artist Saltares send Johnny Blaze against The Hulk in an effort to help the people of New York City. The issue includes a new variant cover from Saltares. (MAY078135D)

HEROES FOR HIRE #11 2nd Printing Variant: The Heroes return to New York to find it ravaged by the violence of World War Hulk. Can the heroes help their adoptive city and still turn a profit? Both answers are "yes" if Misty Knight has anything to say about it! Writer Zeb Wells and artist Clay Mann join the fray. (MAY078136D) IRON MAN #19 2nd Printing Variant: The Hulk is speeding towards Earth with one thing on his mind: revenge! Tony Stark is at the top of his list, but will his space defenses even slow down The Hulk? What special armor will Iron Man don against his opponent? The book features a story by Christos Gage with pencils and a cover by Butch Guice. (MAY078225D) Marvel's second & third printings are certain to appeal to fans of The Green Goliath and to variant collectors or those who missed out the first time around, so see below for details and place your orders today!

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