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Amazing Spider-Man: The Gauntlet

Archrivals: Spider-Man vs The Lizard

It's arachnid against reptile when the amazing Spider-Man battles the lethal Lizard

By Jim Beard

Think poor Peter Parker's got it bad? Meet Doctor Curt Connors: widower, single father, trapped in a dead-end job and prone to uncontrollable changes from man into killer lizard!

Connors' started off with good intentions, designing a serum to regenerate a missing limb, but after The Lizard took over, he lost his wife and nearly his son to the vicious creature-not to mention set up an unending cycle of conflict with Spider-Man.

Now, the wheel turns once more and in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #630, out May 5, The Lizard's back and out for warm blood!

Let's take a look at some swampy scuffles between The Lizard and his sworn enemy, the spectacular Spider-Man...


The Daily Bugle challenged Spider-Man to defeat the Lizard, a terrifying hybrid of man and reptile, so Peter Parker flew to Florida to hunt the beast down with camera in hand! After meeting Curt Connors' wife and learning the scientist himself had changed into The Lizard, Spidey whipped up an antidote for his strange metamorphosis and brought Connors out of the swamp and back to his family.


What's worse? Being caught between a Lizard and a Living Vampire or having six arms? Spider-Man juggled both problems simultaneously and following a battle between The Lizard and Morbius, the wall-crawler assisted Doctor Connors-now with his own mind in the reptile's body-in devising a new serum. In the end, it returned Connors to his true self and cured Spidey of his extra arms.

SPIDER-MAN #5 (1990)

Poisoned by the vile voodoo woman Calypso and lethally lashed by The Lizard, Spider-Man just wanted to sleep it off. Sadly, his opponents thought otherwise and The Lizard leaped to the kill before being stopped by his mistress. Spidey swung back into action and in brutal battle with the reptile seemingly broke The Lizard's neck. It looked like the final curtain for Doctor Curt Connors...


Spending his last dime on a plane ticket, Spider-Man wings his way again to the Florida Everglades to track down a very-much-alive Lizard. There he came across Connors' son, Billy, and his mysterious chaperone, Warrant. The Lizard, now seemingly bereft of his human alter-ego, battled both Spidey and Warrant then tumbled into a pool of quicksand, sinking away into the swamp.


A horrible realization came over Spider-Man: Curt Connors controlled the Lizard persona, and used it for psychological release. After the two tussled once more, the reptile kidnapped his own son and made his escape. Where the web-slinger failed to get through to Connors, Billy's tears succeeded and The Lizard ran off. The next day, Connors perpetrated a senseless crime for the sole purpose of being locked up behind bars-and away from his boy.


A horrendous murder threw suspicion on Curt Connors and a shocked Spider-Man discovered that not one but two Lizards now ran amuck. The Black Cat joined the ferocious fight but a stray shotgun blast from a frightened civilian uncovered an even more shocking fact: the smaller of the two Lizards reverted to human form and stood revealed as Billy Connors, son of the original!


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