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PREVIEW: Captain America #605

The dramatic conclusion of "Two Americas"!

CAPTAIN AMERICA #605 Cover by Gerald Parel
COVER BY: Gerald Parel
WRITER: Ed Brubaker
Sean Mckeever
PENCILS: David Baldeon
Luke Ross

The dramatic conclusion of "Two Americas" by acclaimed Cap scribe Ed Brubaker and Luke Ross. The final battle between two Captain Americas will leave each changed...and a new secret enemy will be revealed. Rated T ...$3.99



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      I find myself becoming bored with this run of captain America. I am getting tired of seeing political statements and the horrible treatment of the 1950's cap.Why can't anyone see past this stereotypical view of "crazy 50's cap" and do something better with him?Everybody loved Jack Monroe as Nomad. Here's a thought, why not have 1950's cap find out what a hero Jack turned out to be, And have him honor Jack by becoming Nomad.What could have been a great story about a man coming to grips with his life and loss of his friend has been completely ruined by the short-sighted writer of this comic book.Plus why did marvel even think that bringing the lame "onslaught world" Bucky in this world would be a good idea? And then give her the name Nomad?I had such high hopes that they would redeem this character but again somebody's political views bring down a once great comic.