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SNEAK PEEK: Siege #4

It all ends here

SIEGE #4 cover by Olivier Coipel

COVER BY: Olivier Coipel
WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
PENCILS: Olivier Coipel
INKS: Mark Morales
COLORED BY: Laura Martin
LETTERED BY: Chris Eliopoulos

THE MARVEL BLOCKBUSTER OF THE YEAR!! This double-sized finale brings the Dark Reign to a shattering conclusion and brings with it the bombastic new HEROIC AGE. Every single page of this book is a shocker: Lives are changed. Heroes fall. Deaths. Revenge. Villain comeuppance. And when the dust settles, who will be in charge of the Marvel Universe?? You will find out here and only here. This is the one they will be talking about. Cardstock Cover/Rated T ...$3.99
IN STORES: May 12, 2010

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      im trying to figure out witch comic is more epic blackest night from dc or siege what do you think i cant make up my mind


      I honestly thought Sentry was cool. He did get a little annoying with his mental breakdowns every 5 seconds but honestly, who doesn't want to see a man with the ower of a thousand exploding suns go plowing thru the heart of Asgard?


      Writers needing to be socially responsible for the depiction of drug addicts and people with mental disorders? Give me a break, man. If someone can't decipher their own thoughts of how a druggie and mental case are in real life and feel that a comic book is a fair depiction is in their own case a moron. No one likes the Sentry because no one likes weak cry babies.


      Can't wait for the finale!But, you can count me among the very few who [i] does not[/i] want to see Sentry put out of his misery. Truth be told, I feel really sorry for him. While most people obviously are unsympathetic towards drug addicts or those with mental disorders, it had been my hope that Marvel could have done something to allow people to feel some of his pain. Instead, Bob Reynolds came across as a weakling, so easily manipulated by Norman Osborn. There's no redemption for his character whatsoever.As much as I don't really see Sentry actually dying (if I remember correctly, Cyclops has a sliver of the Void locked inside his brain), I do hope that writers would be more sympathetic and more socially responsbile toward any depictions of this character or those with mental disorders. These are people who are sick. They deserve pity and healing, certainly not ridicule and disgust.Sincerely,:gambit: mrvpascual :gambit:


      I'm sooooo done with the Sentry! Let's move on from that Superman wannabe!!


      I hope the Sentry gets put out of his misery