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A Closer Look at David Finch's Cover to X-Men #200

By Jason Juniewicz

X-Men #200
cover character

David Finch's cover to X-MEN #200 is an X-fan's dream, with nearly every character to ever be called an X-Man present. Over the years, characters have come and gone and some might have slipped under your radar leaving you staring down at this wonderful piece of art asking, "Who's that?" Well fear not, because we've assembled a handy character guide (also seen in X-MEN #200) to you'll know who's who. And because we know you want the total package, we've also included David Finch's cover as it appeared through various stages of completion. From pencils to inks to the finished product, we've got it all right here. And if you spot any differences from the pencils to the final cover, sound off in the forums!

X-Men #200

X-Men #200

X-Men #200
final cover

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