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Shadowland: Deadly Daughters

Jason Henderson sheds some light on his new limited series, SHADOWLAND: DAUGHTERS OF THE SHADOW

By Kevin Mahadeo

Writer Jason Henderson and artist Ivan Rodriguez unleash an all-female hit squad led by veteran hero for hire Colleen Wing onto the streets of Hell's Kitchen in August with their brand-new limited series SHADOWLAND: DAUGHTERS OF THE SHADOW.

The title spins out of the Shadowland event set to rock the lives of the various street-level characters of the Marvel Universe this summer. As Daredevil continues to use his position as head of the Hand to strengthen his chokehold on the criminals of New York, he employs the assistance of Colleen, who flies solo after her falling out with former friend and business partner Misty Knight.

"In the way you had Power Man and Iron Fist, you had Misty Knight and Colleen Wing," says Henderson. "They had a big falling out at the end of HEROES FOR HIRE, and it had a lot to do with Colleen finally deciding that she had certain values that she really had to adhere to and she allowed other people's leadership and decision-making to cloud those things. Here

Character designs by Ivan Rodriguez
in Shadowland, Daredevil has been ruling over Hell's Kitchen and trying to clean up the streets under his Hand's code of justice. It just happens that right now Colleen finds that she shares some of Daredevil's values."

Although Daredevil and Colleen see eye-to-eye on certain issues, Henderson explains that their alliance also stems from certain business arrangements. For one, Colleen wants to eliminate certain types of high-level corruption, namely an illegal slave trading ring. While the police remain helpless toward the situation, Daredevil can provide her the necessary resources. However, running deeper than that, Daredevil presents Colleen with key information that reveals secrets about her family's connection to the ninja assassin squad.

"He offers her a deal and says, 'If you come work for me and take this place in the Hand, I can give you information about your mother,' who is someone [readers] know very little about," says the writer. "It turns out she was active in the Hand long ago and Colleen can take that place if she so chooses."

Henderson says that the limited series allows him to explore aspects of Colleen's history on her mother's side previously unknown to comic fans, namely her one-time status as leader of a femme fatale division of the Hand known as the Nail.

Character designs by Ivan Rodriguez
"They are awesome," promises Henderson. "Some characters we know. Colleen uses a samurai sword, but is proficient in every weapon. The Black Lotus uses a number of different weapons. There is a teenage, Japanese, homicidal cheerleader who tends to use really, really vicious throwing and chain weapons. We have a very mysterious character called Yuki-Onna who is patterned after this snow demon from Japanese folklore. She can use pressure points and so forth to paralyze you. And there is another woman who has been augmented with various kinds of technology to have many arms. She is named after an enormous and terrifying spider-crab. So, they are scary."

A horror fan himself-as evidenced by his latest novel "Alex Van Helsing: Vampire Rising," available now-Henderson admits that he drew a lot of influence from traditional Japanese folklore while creating the new characters. He also admits that one of the best parts of working on the upcoming series came from designing the members of the Nail with artist Rodriguez.

"We'll come back and be like, 'Okay, the cheerleader girl needs to be young and homicidal and she needs to have crazy hair,'" relates Henderson. "And Ivan comes in and we're like, 'Okay, make her more like

she's 17, make her less cheerleader and more gymnast.' And he's coming back with these designs that are absolutely incredible. That is really cool."

Of course, one major conflict in DAUGHTERS OF THE SHADOW looms from that aforementioned friendship breakup between Colleen and Misty Knight. In Shadowland, the two stand on opposite ends of the battle line. While Henderson keeps the exact details of their inevitable confrontation a secret, he does leave readers with a small tease as to where it all ends up:

"What I really want to accomplish for the relationship between Colleen and Misty is the final disposition. When they come out of this, they will have an understanding of where they stand with one another."


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      I have always liked Colleen Wing but not Misty Knight so I love this story idea. Colleen finally gets a chance to shine in the spotlight by herself!