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Shadowland: Phases of the Moon

Gregg Hurwitz explains the Fist of Khonshu's upcoming role in SHADOWLAND: MOON KNIGHT

By Jim Beard

SHADOWLAND: MOON KNIGHT, a three-issue limited series beginning in August, explores the mysterious moon man's connection not only with the war that rages in the streets of New York, but also with himself.

"For a reason we don't yet know, Daredevil's gunning for Moon Knight," says writer Gregg Hurwitz of the story's kickoff. "So as Daredevil's plan gets put in motion, Moon Knight's going to get pulled into action from the other side. We're looking at a helluva collision between these two sides."

Part of what's explored in the series involves the relationship between these two heroes and the grave portent of Moon Knight crossing a line when they meet in the Shadowland.

"They've co-existed up until now, despite their different styles," explains Hurwitz. "Moon Knight isn't a guy who's been too mindful of the law in the past. He's also gone off the edge a time or two. But now we're looking at Daredevil in a way we've never seen him. And he might be acting even more crazy than Moon Knight!

"I will promise you this: you're going to see that line crossed. And you'll know it when you see it."

A major aspect of Moon Knight's mystique revolves around his connection with the Egyptian god Khonshu. Hurwitz vows that strange tie will be examined in SHADOWLAND: MOON KNIGHT as will their arrangement going forward.

"He's been dismissive of Khonshu [lately], able to corral him and keep him in his place," he notes. "But Khonshu's been growing in power for a while now. Starting to exert his influence over Jake and make demands. And worse, some pretty serious threats. In this event, we're going to see those threats come to fruition."

Shadowland teaser art
For those who enjoy the hero's ongoing adventures in VENGEANCE OF THE MOON KNIGHT, this limited series does not fly out of left field. Hurwitz paints it as all one big plan:

"SHADOWLAND: MOON KNIGHT is going to pick up exactly where VENGEANCE OF THE MOON KNIGHT leaves off. I'm picking up all those threads laid down and weaving them into this big event."

Artist Bong Dazo aids Hurwitz in the series' production, and the writer couldn't be more pleased to be working alongside him.

"He's got the scope for it, for sure," Hurwitz says of Dazo. "And a good sense of fun. So the visuals are going to play big and bad-a perfect complement to the trials and tribulations I'm putting our boy Moon Knight through!"


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