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Shadowland: Hitting the Bullseye

John Layman brings Daredevil's deadliest enemy into the battle for the soul of New York

By Marc Strom

With Daredevil presiding over his own private corner of New York, you just know Bullseye had to jump out of the shadows sooner or later. The deadly villain who has plagued the Man Without Fear for decades returns to DD's life in SHADOWLAND: BULLSEYE #1, a one-shot hitting this August from the creative team of writer John Layman and artist Sean Chen.

Bullseye, most recently seen plaguing the larger Marvel Universe as part of Norman Osborn's Dark Avengers, has recently fallen from his newfound fame and returned to "making life miserable for Daredevil," according to Layman.

"Which is not really abnormal, but Daredevil's reaction to Bullseye this time around is," he continues. "My story does not take place until Daredevil takes some pretty extreme counter measures against Bullseye."

The villain first enters the Shadowland to settle his ages-old grudge with his archenemy, but things quickly turn for the worse.

"Bullseye actually finds himself in such a bad position he has to get some help from his friends," explains Layman. "And Bullseye does not have a lot of friends."

Getting to know which characters he calls friends will also serve to illuminate previously unexplored aspects of Bullseye's character.

"I think you'll see a bit of a different side to Bullseye," says the writer. "He's seen as a loner character, and in my upcoming story you meet some of the sort of people who count themselves among Bullseye's allies. Who these people are tells you as much about [them] as it does about Bullseye."

Working with a character as twisted as the master assassin, Layman takes a unique perspective on what makes him tick.

"I don't see Bullseye as completely bonkers crazy, bouncing off the walls and being completely nutso as much as I see him [sort of having] ADHD," he remarks. "His mind is always racing, and it's hard for him to stay in one place. This makes him easily adaptable to changing up his plans. Though at the same time, he is completely psychotic, so he does not feel

Shadowland teaser art
remorse, and has more than a bit of a cruel streak to him. It makes for a deadly, ruthless combination."

Layman thinks fans will enjoy both his one-shot and the larger event that inspires it, giving high praise to its mastermind:

"I think [SHADOWLAND writer] Andy Diggle has crafted a very cool, very compelling Daredevil story that people are going to be talking about for a long time. I'm proud to be able to take part in it."


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I hope they keep this as a series!!! Bullseye Vs Deadpool was the best!!! It would be interesting to see what the hell Bullseye is thinking and I got to say he is one of my favorite villains, loved him in Deadpool comic series LMAO!!!